Attitudes of WT Society Leaders Towards " Rights " of Child Abuse Victims and Elders

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    1) "Mad Irishman" is the replacement for "Inside the KH."

    2) The sheer hubris of the GB and their "helpers" ( soon to be anointed replacements) is becoming evident to many.

    They are going to cry persecution, sadly they deserve it. If there is a God, he is doing a face-palm and saying," You reap what you sow."


  • blondie
    The response of the Catholic Church to the victims was not much different than the WTS or other organizations that feel their existence is more important than the harm they cause to these survivors. I have seen the same scenario play out in Lutheran and Baptist churches/organizations.
  • stuckinarut2

    The official line is:

    Deny, deny, deny....

    Blame, blame, blame....

    Distract, distract, distract....

    Divert, divert, divert....

  • Finkelstein

    Good catch Flipper

    What the WTS wants and is trying to direct and accomplish as a retort to these irreconcilable accusations is for everyone to shut up and keep the situation within the organization itself and hush up about it.

    Similar in fashion to how the Catholic religion has been doing for a very long time.

    From out of this endeavor the organization retains its out ward image and perhaps saves any possible law suits that may get levied against the organization.

    The corporate heads have that in mind first and foremost rather than protecting children from possible predators that may be involved within their organization.

    Its that ever appealing safe and wholesome character identity ( He's a brother or she's a sister ) that each JWS perceives within the organization that certain people exploit for their own misbegotten deeds.

    Johnathan Kendricks come to mind.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    It was be nice for the GB to spend some time in prison and get molested by Bubba.

    I don't wish that on anyone but these guys need some serious rear adjustment..

  • Fisherman

    So- Basically the WT Society is claiming that people who are suing the WT Society are either "disgruntled " , " vindictive ", or " opposers " - making it seem that the VICTIMS who are suing the WT...

    Legally, no, that is what you are saying that the WT is claiming based on the representation of information that you allege is from a letter to its church elders posted on your thread.

    Everything considered, anyone can file a lawsuit or make an accusation against somebody else, but that does not make the complaining person a victim legally. Depending on the law of the land, in many countries an accusation is not an adjudication. So, in your Topic : " Rights" of child abuse victims? is a misrepresentation from the start, you, having decided that the accused person is guilty before giving him the opportunity to defend himself in Court and allowing the Court to decide.

  • LisaRose

    God forbid any JW imagine they have "rights", everyone knows a JW only has the "rights" the society gives them, which means none.

    Really, it is good advice for elders to not divulge confidential matters, too bad they tend to only do that when it involves pedophilia, the one case where they should warn others.

  • flipper

    Thanks for the comments ! Much appreciated.

    MAD IRISHMAN- I disagree with you. WT Society's advice is horrid- only looking after it's own financial interests- not the interests of it's individual JW members.

    ON THE WAY OUT- Good points you bring out about the breach of confidentiality. If WT leaders would only look at themselves in a mirror. One can only hope.

    GIORDANO- Exactly, good points. All we have to do is see the testimony of that elder on you tube on the PBS hour or the ABC Nightline news report about Candace Conti's case when he is stating that they are trained by the WT Society, " not to reveal the confidential talk of another " and that shows right THERE where the load of responsibility falls regarding WHO makes these failed policies. The WT leaders- that's who . So child abuse doesn't get reported to police unless the WT Society DIRECTS elders to report it to the police. Elders are not ALLOWED to make any moves without checking with WT legal department first. So as you said these shoddy non-policies really are exposing the WT Society's selfish, money grubbing side.

    DATA-DOG- Exactly. I feel the WT Society IS beginning to " reap what they sow " and it's just the beginning stages in my opinion. We are going to see this child abuse thing blow up huge this year I truly believe.

    BLONDIE- Good points. Lots of this child abuse crap is hidden within many churches- however- I feel the difference with the Catholic church was at least the Pope and higher ups ADMITTED that there was a problem with child abuse within their organization. WT leaders won't even SNIFF at an admission of a child abuse problem within their organization. We have GB members like Steve Lett claiming that WE are crazy for saying that the WT Society " protects pedophiles " - his statement, " can you imagine that " ? Indicates surprise when he shouldn't be surprised at all there is a child abuse problem within WT. It's just posturing and a huge cover up to save face in front of 8 million JW's on and being media savvy enough to know that if he denies it on their private website T.V. - it will push the message into 8 million JW's minds that the child abuse " problem " are all " lies " - allegedly. Pretty shrewd marketing- but dishonest. but what has ever been honest about the WT Society ? Anything ?

    STUCKINARUT- " Deny, deny " Blame, blame ". Exactly what WT leaders do.

    FINKELSTEIN- Very true, WT leaders want EVERYBODY to stop talking about the child abuse cases - then they feel they will magically disappear. Not this time. Perhaps in the past- but not now. There are too MANY of these cases coming down the turnpike and they will get a lot more media coverage than they used to. Already there has been in the last month the ABC Nightline and PBS News hour coverage and who knows what else is in the works > I think it's important for each of us ex-JW's to verbally let people know in our own communities as well. Indeed- What a " brother " Jonathan Kendrick was shown to be ! LOL. He and his wife were both exposed as frigging cantankerous idiots and jack asses on that ABC Nightline news video. More of that media coverage needs to get out there to show how arrogant these people are.

    JAMES MIXON- I think " Bubba " would have a great time with WT leaders in prison. Who knows ? He may get his chance yet .

    FISHERMAN- You are wrong. Legally - yes- that IS what the WT Society is saying in their confidential letters to elders that anybody suing the WT Society is considered " disgruntled, " vindictive " , or considered an " opposer " - it's right there in the quote of the 1989 letter to elders. It's NOT my interpretation it's the WT leaders VIEWS in their own words printed. Get your head out of your ass. I don't just ALLEGE that it's a letter from WT to the elders it IS A LETTER from WT to the elders. It's documented in court proceedings as evidence in the Candace Conti court case and I have it downloaded on my PDF file. There is no misrepresentation in the title of my thread. The only misrepresentation of these facts is getting jumbled up in your own mind. You need to read the court documented evidence yourself then you'd know what you are talking about. Until then you have no idea what you are asserting.

    LISA ROSE- Exactly- many people are aware that in the WT leaders eyes- JW's have NO rights except to do as they are instructed by WT leaders. As regards your statement, " it is good advice for elders to not divulge confidential matters " - perhaps in judicial matters- but it's NEVER good to keep child abuse confidential within just the circle of elders or WT legal. That information NEEDS to be told to the police authorities whether it's in a reporting state- or not - so that police can do their work of protecting not only the community but the children of JW's and non-JW's. Otherwise the wheels of justice get stuck in the mud of the WT legal department- and that is NOT a good thing

  • sparrowdown
    I agree, this is only the tip of the child abuse scandal iceberg.
  • flipper
    SPARROWDOWN- I feel you and hear you. I agree just the tip of the iceberg. WT Society is going to have a rough several years ahead of them. They earned it

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