Vinyl repair and pin stripping cars......

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  • jaguarbass

    Back in Cleveland many JW's were dry wall hangers in the carpenters union.

    And others were carpenters, Some electricians. Some tinners.

    Back in Cleveland many were tradesman in the unions.

    Most of them had good benefits and great retirements.

    The 1 janitor I knew probably did the best of all.

  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    Anyone ever work for Yipes Stripes! ?

  • Junction-Guy

    Amway was discouraged in our area because of its religious and political overtones.

  • sooner7nc

    I lived in Duncan, Oklahoma for a while, and there was an elder there who owned a pinstripe shop. He employed several other Dubs. In my hometown, cleaning was the thing like Craps said. My Uncle owned a huge Janitorial service, and started working me at the age of 14. I guess that's why I still strip and wax floors on the side.

    We lived not too far from Ada, Oklahoma,the corporate headquarters for Pre-Paid Legal Aid. It was really big there.


  • joebin

    I used to have one of those trim-line striping business way back then (early 80's). Sold it after I left the org. to some guy who wasn't a witness. They were almost pissed off that it was sold to a non JW. Still to this day I do lettering and signs, but not the striping part. I almost got in the cleaning business but that was way too boring for me. The striping was really fun and paid well.

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