The new Ice Age Cometh!

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  • Robdar

    Everybody panic!

    Not really. Al Gore will rescue us. Currently, his company sells what are known as Carbon Credits. This is an innovative company. They might consider selling Ice Credits.

    LOL @ leavingwt!

  • Satanus

    In the ice age, gore can sell popsicles. That will help dispose of the ice, kind if like his carbon credits get rid of carbon dioxide.


  • Gill

    As the Chinese saying goes: 'May you live in interesting times!'

    Well, if nothing else, we live in interesting times!

  • cameo-d


    Do you think we will need thermal underwear in Florida?

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I believe the glass is half full........either my house will becoming beachside property {10 miles from the beach now} or an Australian winter wonderland with Super wooly Kangaroo's that live in igloo's.

    P.S Srew you Global warming Hippies!

  • Gill

    Either way, hot or cold, you can prepare for both.

    Dress in layers!!

    I've just equiped my family with 'snoods' and balaclavas!

    We have thermal gloves and scarves AND I just won a bulk lot of hot water bottles on ebay!

    Hey! Bring it!!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Anyway here in Australia I heard that eating Ice is very good for you......except yellow ice for some reason!!!???

  • kerj2leev
    One of the reasons why I havent bothered to freak out about "global warming" is because it's all cyclical and natural.

    What?!? Not freak out!! Are you kidding? I mean come on 30 years ago it was man polluting the earth so much that it was sending us into an ice age. I wonder how Uncle Al would profit off of a global cooling trend???

    Time Jun 24 1974 Another Ice Age?.

  • Gill

    What is so fascinating about the human race is that they actually believe that they are so big and so clever and so powerful and so destructive that they could destroy everything.

    Humans are nothing. We pollute. We ruin. WE could nuke every country in the world.

    The Earth would recover.

    One volcano going of each year pollutes this planet many times more than anything we ever produce.

    We are irrelevant.

    The sun is quiet at the moment. We didn't do that. It's just.....time. If we get an ice age, it's nothing to do with us, just as global warming was/ is/ nothing to do with us.

    We pollute. But we are IRRELEVANT.

    But guilt, and taxes are excellent bed fellows and a fantastic way for the uber rich to get even richer and keep the little man down.

    If only we were bright enough for us all to wake up to the lies and BS of the people who really rule the world.

    But then we would be free. And free, is something that just doesn't exist on this planet anymore.

    Watch out! They'll be taxing each breath soon.

  • Robdar

    We are irrelevant.

    True, it's mother nature doing her thang. Still, I wish mother earth would stop killing her polar bears. Fortunately the polar bears are starting to breed with the grizzly bears.,2933,195087,00.html

    Strange days indeed.

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