The new Ice Age Cometh!

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  • Gill

    Quietlyleaving - So we're being taxed to hell and back again on an 'unproven theory'?

  • FreeWilly

    Master of diversion...I'm not sure where "heartland institute" came in, but it's clear you don't read well. I'll give you a hint. The link was in this sentance:

    If that were true than this peer reviewed body of research should not exist (i tried to embed the page - sorry):

    No busy along and find a way to discredit all this work. I hear this blogger fills his car with Shell gasoline. Exxon stooges, deniers, skeptics - whatever crutches it takes to sweep anything contrary aside. For that is your only hope at a consensus.


    Besty: "LOL - at least you have stopped the bullying and insulting so thats good. "

    Meet kettle...

    Besty: "Reminds me never to argue with idiots."

    Besty: "I would argue your education, basic though it was, was still a waste of money, if all you learned was to write off new ideas as soon as you hear them. So you instantly made your mind up and subsequently sought confirming 'evidence'? Oh dear."
    Besty: "your post is lazy and adds little value, other than to those who were wondering what makes you chuckle"

    Some suggestions:

    If you want to lead a discussion into a scientific topic learn the science or at least be open to it when presented.

    More objectivity, less arrogance will help you avoid having "your ass handed to you".

  • zagor

    I'm surprised this thread is still running, Gill mate you never even tried confronting points I presented. Just trampling ahead with new things that are supposed to cover unanswered questions, not a good strategy for anyone waning to be taken seriously. Like I said before science does not operate on cute ideas but on HARD DATA.

    Here is a very interesting video for you. Almost an hour long presentation by professor Naomi Oreskes of University of California, San Diego. I think it puts it rather elegantly of what is going on here....

    The American Denial of Global Warming

  • FlyingHighNow

    According to my dad, who was an oceanographer, we are still coming out of the last ice age. The polar ice caps are the last remaining frozen parts of the last ice age. He pointed out that in the Permian basin of Texas, West Texas, the sea used to come in that far. And he's right, there are fossils all over the place there of sea animals. He pointed out that once those ice caps melt, the sea will again come inland that far. I think he made a good case. And perhaps global warming will just speed up the end of the last ice age.

  • Gill

    Zagor - Sorry if I have appeared disrespectful of your information but TIME has and remain a big problem for me at present and have hardly been able to get on line but thanks for the information. Still, I don't believe in 'global warming' since there has been non since 1999 possibly 1995, just climate change which is natural.

    FlyingHighNow - Thanks. But there is no global warming.

    I believe all will become obvious in time, but then few of us are around so long that we are able to say, 'hmm, I remember this happening hundreds of years ago' etc.

    Carbon Monoxide and supposed global warming is just a tax fiddle and will also become obvious to us all in time.

    Perhaps after a few freezing cold years and winters we will all be saying or even shouting WHAT GLOBAL WARMING!!

    So sorry can't spend more time at present.

    Hope to be freer in time next week.

    Thank you for all your replys but no one has convinced me so far that WE, homo sapien sapien, are in anyway heating up this planet.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I agree with Gill the Temp on earth has ALWAYS bounced up and down like a Roller coaster and Dinosaurs can't drive so explian that??? Frozen Mammoths in Siberia were not caused by people increasing the Oxygen levels, it was just a natural occurence....this will unfold in the next few years and debate by scientist will continue.

  • FlyingHighNow
    FlyingHighNow - Thanks. But there is no global warming.

    Thanks for completely dismissing what I said about my oceanographer dad's comments on us coming out of the last ice age, rather than this being global warming. I don't know if there is global warming. I tend to think Daddy's observations are very well founded by fossil evidence and the current melting of the polar ice caps.

  • Gill

    FlyingHighNow - Sorry to appear to totally dismiss what your father said. No disrespect is intended.

    However, even the top of Mount Everest is covered in ......... wait for it........sea shells.

    Many of the highest mountains on the planet have an abundance of sea shells on them.

    The Earth has suffered massive land and oceanic shifts in time spells that are difficult for us to even imagine.

    I don't for one minute doubt what your father says is true, that the sea once covered Texas.

    But a long time ago, the Mediterranean was a desert.

    History is nothing of what we are told and absolutely 'massive' to comprehend the real forces at work and timescales involved on our planet.

    We, homo sapien sapien, are just a small 'itch' on this planet's back.

    In the past there may well have been nuclear wars, cataclysmic weather and geological shifts and civillisations that have come and gone that we will never ever know about.

    Five million years old 'modern man' foot prints that are fossilised exist.

    Gold chains, walls, evidence of past civillisations exist deep underground frequently found in mines.

    This planet's history and the very history of ourselves is so fascinating that when we even begin to scratch the surface of our past a gasp of sheer awe can't help but exist.

    Once we escape the so called history that our governments and educational establishments want us to believe in, then we begin to see that our manipulation is only complete IF we allow it!

    Once we even begin to allow doubt to enter our minds over what we are told, only then do we take the very first baby steps to mental freedom.

    Maybe we won't be able to change what is being forced on us......but we don't have to believe or even accept it.

  • besty

    Just for you Gill - the latest scientific information on polar climate

    Climate change at the poles IS man-made

    Scientists refute sceptics by proving that human activity has left its mark on the Arctic and Antarctic

    By Steve Connor, Science Editor
    Friday, 31 October 2008

    Changes to the climate due to human activity can now be detected on every continent, following a study showing that temperature rises in the Antarctic as well as the Arctic are the result of man-made emissions of greenhouse gases.

    It is the first time scientists have been able to prove the link between the temperature changes in both polar regions are down to human activity and it also undermines climate sceptics who believe the warming trend seen in the Arctic in recent decades is part of the climate's natural variability.

    The findings contradict the 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which said that Antarctica was the only continent where the human impact on the climate had not been observed.

    The new study shows that Antarctica has been caught up in the changes to the global climate over the past 60 years and that this warming cannot be attributed to natural variations.

    Using four computer models and data from dozens of weather stations sited around both the North and South Poles, the study conclusively shows that humans are responsible for the significant increases in temperatures observed in the Arctic and the Antarctic over the past half century.

    "We're able for the first time to directly attribute warming in both the Arctic and the Antarctic to human influences on the climate," said Nathan Gillett of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, who led the study, published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

    The analysis has also shown there is a significant change to the Antarctic climate caused by human activity.

    Peter Stott of the Met Office Hadley Centre, who took part in the modelling analysis, said: "In both polar regions the observed warming can only be reproduced in our models by including human influences – natural forcings [increases] alone are not enough.

    "For a long time, climate scientists have known that Arctic areas would be expected to warm most strongly because of feedback mechanisms, but the results from this work demonstrate the part man has already played in the significant warming that we've observed in both polar regions.

    "There was a clear detection in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions of a human influence on the climate. We had shown we had detected the human fingerprint in both regions."

    In the Arctic, the most visible effect of warmer temperatures has been the disappearance of the sea ice which floats on the Arctic Ocean. In 2007, the sea ice reached an all-time summer minimum, which was nearly reached again this year.

    In the Antarctic, global warming has had the greatest impact on coastal areas and the Antarctic Peninsula, which has seen the greatest increases in average temperatures in the region, leading to the disintegration of ice shelves and the speeding up of the flow of glaciers to the sea.

    The picture in the Antarctic has also been obscured by the effect of ozone depletion, which has tended to lower temperatures and so counteract the effect of global warming within the region. However, with the recovery of the ozone layer, scientists are expecting to see even greater increases in Antarctic temperatures in future.

    Andrew Monaghan of the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, said the study clarifies human impact on two regions that are notoriously variable in terms of climate. "The polar regions exhibit the largest climatic variability on Earth, so detecting and attributing climate changes has been more difficult than elsewhere," Dr Monaghan explained. "The study is important because it formally demonstrates the human contribution for the first time."

  • Gill

    "There was a clear detection in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions of a human influence on the climate. We had shown we had detected the human fingerprint in both regions."

    What evidence of 'human fingerprint'?

    Who paid for the research?

    What was their 'agenda'?

    Why are the ice sheets growing?

    Why is world temperature FALLING?

    Besty - Agenda, purpose, design, what are they wanting and why?

    The Earth IS changing.....I agree but not with the reasons claimed.

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