As I stated before the Great Tribulation is picking up speed!!!!!!!!!!

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  • BluesBrother

    I was there in the sixties - boys with long hair, girls with short skirts, "free love", changing times . We said "Armageddon must be so close"

    I was there in the seventies - "Famine 1975", 6000 years to end . We said "Armageddon must be so close"

    I was there in the eighties - Apostasy in Bethel, violence on the street (UK anyway) punk music We said "Armageddon must be so close"

    I was there in the nineties - First Gulf war, cloned Dolly the sheep, the fall of the Communist block We said "Armageddon must be so close"

    They are still there in the twentyfirst century saying Armageddon must be so close.....

  • Aculama

    Let's say the money system dies, what would you use as payment for goods? You know, 'till whatever comes next.

  • megaflower

    This is an apostate forum. Your comment is very much in line with the WTS. HMMMM- are you sure that you are not baptized because you sure sound like one of them. I was a witness for over 20 years and being one is the Biggest mistake of my life. They mislead and teach lies. Do yourself a favor and do some deep research before you commit.

  • Pahpa

    I think that this current news might be more indicative of a failure of a world power (U.S.) to maintain its economic standing in the world. The situation is a warning that all empires eventually are destroyed by overextending militarily or economically. What we may be seeing is the demise of the U.S. as the richest and most powerful nation in the world. Great Britain had this distinction before WW I. The collapse of its empire came relatively sudden. Now, it is only a shadow of its former self. Perhaps we are seeing a repeat of the same processes at work.

    Like other members on this board, I saw dire predictions with every event in the news that prompted JWs to predict the nearness of "the end" over the years. But the "convincing proof" turned out to be an unconvincing spoof.

  • VM44

    Yes, soon now all the Jehovah's Witnesses will be rounded up and sent to concentration camps where they will be made to work in the fields all day long!

    This is going to happen any minute now!

  • independent_tre

    LOL... Sir82.. you are hilarious!

    BTW, what ever happened to no man knowing the day or hour? I guess some folks have a really good feeling the end is near.

  • unbaptized

    No offense to participants of this forum, but if you feel strongly that this issue is far fetched then why post on this topic? I did not post this comment to offend anyone. I feel that we as a free and intellectual people have the right to express what we feel. If I offended anyone I sincerely apologize, but I've noticed a lot of post listed on this site and some I will never comment on because I don't feel some of it is worth commenting on. That's why I feel that if this subject wasn't on your mind then you would not waste time commenting on this post. If the world's seen doesn't give you the least suspicion that something is coming then you need to really open your eyes.


    Nobody has taken offense..It`s just that we`ve heard it all before..It was Bullsh*t then..It`s Bullsh*t now........................................................................................The WBT$ has been preaching that same crap,since "General George Armstrong Custer" died at Little Big Horn.....That`s right..The first Watchtower was printed the same year Custer Died..That`s a long time to be wrong!!..LOL!!.............Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • asilentone

    unbaptized, you would be judged before Jehovah for posting on this thread according to the Watchtower, you are not supposed to be here. Don't you have a guilty conscience doing that?

  • restrangled

    Please get over yourself and your predictions.....the end was coming when it was least expected....if you are following your own biblical beliefts.

    Go back to pioneering...and save us your foolishness.


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