As I stated before the Great Tribulation is picking up speed!!!!!!!!!!

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  • avishai

    Wait....I thought it was peace and security? Oh, yeah, no, it's war, pestilence etc...Oh, wait, you mean it's both so they conveniently have all bases covered for any bad stuff (or lack of) that comes down the pike? Wow, never woulda thunk it...

  • Xavier1

    I suppose that we may tell the same things after october 1929.

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  • greendawn

    They have a way of playing with people's fears and insecurities and this is central in their scheme to attract and hold members with this never ending bizarre mind game.

    There are people susceptible to fear who can be victimised by such propaganda and so the JWs keep up and exploit profitably the old adventist theme of the imminent end which is nothing but a 19th century quack religious theory. Even in the 21st century millions of dull witted dubs are marching to its drum beat and this involves strange, easily excitable psychology that deserves careful exploring.

  • zagor
    I wondered how the Pharaoh felt when his entire empire was crushed

    that is a rather bold statement for someone who knows next to nothing about archeology. Only time when Egypt was on its knees were intermediate periods and during reign of Hyksos at least between year 2000BC and 1000BC. Unfortunately for believers crashing of Egypt was supposed to have happened at the time otherwise know as "The Golden Age" of Egypt, during reign of Ramses ll. Like saying, market crashed at the time economy was booming. Which would imply that either we are radically missing something from historical record or that believers are simply wrong.

  • sir82
    I think of the time we are living in today and how it resembles Noah's time.

    Oh absolutely. Why just the other day was reading about how 99% of the world's population today are goatherds and bean farmers. And don't get me started on those pesky nephilim running around, killing my cattle!

    Say I just thought of something....why didn't Noah just go online and order a pre-fab ark from instead of spending 120 years building it himself? I'll guess well have to ask him when he's resurrected!

  • PrimateDave

    unbaptized, I find your glee highly disturbing and your historical perspective extremely narrow. As a born-in Witness, I do understand it, however, because I, too, was raised in a sheltered environment. I recommend some educational reading. For instance, how does an economic downturn, something that reduces the standard of living for some north Americans, compare with the very real and devastating effects of war, something that hasn't happened on American soil for over a century?

    Take for instance this World War II account written by Kurt Vonnegut entitled "The Blood of Dresden."


    We cut our way through a basement wall to discover a reeking hash of over 100 human beings. Flame must have swept through before the building’s collapse sealed the exits, because the flesh of those within resembled the texture of prunes. Our job, it was explained, was to wade into the shambles and bring forth the remains. Encouraged by cuffing and guttural abuse, wade in we did. We did exactly that, for the floor was covered with an unsavoury broth from burst water mains and viscera.

    Full article here.

    Still looking forward to Armageddon?


  • undercover
    As I stated before the Great Tribulation is picking up speed!!!!!!!!!!

    What you really mean is, "As I have repeated what I've heard someone else say over and over...."

  • golf2

    Not so fast with this end times. Religion must be stripped of it's POWER and WEALTH, when will this take place?

  • hamsterbait

    My whole life feels like never-ending bloody Armageddon.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    This is satire, right? If not let me simply say you create the age old mistake of believing that the entire cosmos revolves around your particular human society. If you haven't noticed many have risen and fell without the almighty crashing down upon us with fiery vengeance.

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