Should Prostitution Be Legalized???

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  • DaCheech

    exactly my point:

    people are prostituting themselves either way (legal or not)

    in illegal societies the prostitutes get hurt.

    where there is regulated legal prostitution there is more safety for all.


    To all of you who do not live in the on-line 'this is America' mindset.

    I am all for decriminalizing prostitution; legalizing it!

    In Canada: it practically is.

    How so? there's many kind and convenient loopholes.

    Remember: Canada is NOT an American state.

    SO...we have our own laws and statutes. Terrible! I'm sure some of you are shivering in your skivvies, yet you wish you could access out stuff.

    I'm all for it. Come across the border and enjoy: tip your server WELL!

    Escorts are the euphamism these days, and it works quite nicely.

    Check out our local weekly papers.

    Prostitutes and so-called unfaithful partners do not break-up families; conventional ancient thought - still doesn't work.

    Prostitutes!? I value them as an asset to our society.

    I just wish they'd tax them: they bring in $$$ for our economy.

    But as long as we have BushHarper as our prime minister - things will be silent until the Alliance/Reform Party finally undress from their clown suit and reveal what they truly are: American Republican Wannabees!

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