A Mother's Story of loss of her son..............

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  • AudeSapere

    I hoped this wasn't your own personal story. It is heartbreaking.

    This line has me sobbing: Drew and Dirk said, “Please Dad, let Dak have blood, save him Dad, you’ve got to.” I know better than to read posts like this at work...

    Thank you for sharing this painful part of your life with us.

    This is the sort of report that needs to get out to other people. To know that the society intentionally manipulates information and refuses to clarify their doctrine so that other people - especially children - do not suffer needless deaths.

    I'm truly sorry for your horrific loss. Thank you again for sharing.


  • BurnTheShips

    Thank you for sharing this with me, I deeply feel the your loss. I should not have read this at my desk. I am bookmarking it. After reading this I think I may finally "come out" to long standing well meaining JW friends that I keep in touch with through email that have no idea that I have faded away. May I share this with them?


  • snowbird
    ... "I am bookmarking it. After reading this I think I may finally "come out" to long standing well meaining JW friends."

    Burn, this is too weird. I was just thinking of doing the same.

    I saw my sister doing street witnessing at our little shopping center on Sunday. Her sad and empty face has haunted me ever since.

    JW's are not happy and content, no matter how hard they try to convince others.


  • BurnTheShips
    JW's are not happy and content, no matter how hard they try to convince others.

    It's a spiritual desert. It is a theft of life. It is an enslavement. They get you when you are young, or vulnerable, or uninformed. They make you work for no wages and cast you off like garbage and without a shred of human dignity if your natural conscience and feeling human heart dares show outside the cold stone prison they wall it in.


  • snowbird
    They get you when you are young, or vulnerable, or uninformed.

    All three criteria applied in my case.


  • sacolton

    Wow! Words can't describe how powerful your message is to those of us who have left the organization. I can't imagine the pain you went through, but I admire your strength and insight. I hope your story reaches other Jehovah's Witnesses who are questioning the blood doctrine. Maybe it will save a life.

  • AuntBee

    My heart goes out to you, and it made me start crying this morning, as my own oldest daughter died suddenly in her sleep at 25 years old, in APril, cause unknown. :(

    I just spoke with a JW woman this morning for 70 minutes, and i did bring up the blood issue. SHe does not know who i am, and doesn't have any idea how well i know her sons, who are teenagers, which is another story. I just adore the 2 boys, and hearing her say right to my face that she'd let them die rather than take a transfusion, i almost started crying right then and there. It was quite chilling, even more so after having just read your story this morning.

    Thanks for sharing all that; i hope you can help save many others.


  • HappyDad


    Thank you for sharing. I didn't know!

    God Bless,


  • Balsam

    I am overwhelmed with gratitude, to know that each and every one of you could feel my pain at losing Dakie. I know with Dirk's helpand urging I could bring you into my experience and make you feel my desolation, agony of seeing my beautiful son dead. Could immediate blood transfusions have saved Dak? I'm not sure, we lost so much time when his Dad refused at the 1st hospital.

    I urge you please share my story with everyone who is a Jehovah's Witness now. If I can save a child's life through my loss of Dak, then I will feel somehow Dak did not die in vain. I think of all of you looking down on the sleeping faces of you children the trust they hold in you to make sounds decision for them to protect and keep them health and alive. I remember so often holding Dak as a little guy and singing "row, row, row your boat" and seeing his trusting dark eyes fixed on my face smiling. He felt I would never let him down, but I did in not standing up against his Dad to save him with blood transfusions. Drew and Dirk assure me I should never blame myself but I was the adult and responsible too. I was his Mom and I failed him by letting a religion convince me they had directions from God concerning blood transfusions, and it was my sacred duty to always refuse such medical treatment. I was totally fooled, and as a result I didn't protect Dak as I should have. His father glorys in his refusal to saving Dak's life, but I know better now.

    Thank you all for your comments, I appreciate so much that you are all moved.

    Here is Dak McGill's memorial Web-Site I keep up for him. Sadly his Dad nor his brother have ever said anything on here but please see the video of pictures of our once happy happy.

    http://www.mem.com/Story.aspx?ID=9894 DAK ELLIOT MCGILL


    Ruth Baker - Balsam

  • BabaYaga

    Dear heavens, Sweet Balsam (Dear Ruth)

    I can only imagine your pain and even the imagining rips me into pieces. I believe that your sweet son is more cognizant than ever before, and I feel sure he completely understands.

    Love and continuing strength to you and your family. Thank you for sharing this.


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