Trader Joes

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  • asilentone

    I have never been there, but I am thinking about going to Trader Joes sometime soon. If you have been there, what did you buy? Do you like them?

  • BabaYaga

    Trader Joe's rocks. Anyone who has had them on the West Coast can't live without them. The most stunning thing there is the house brand wine. It is literally just 2 dollars a bottle on the West Coast, 3 dollars on the East. They have literally won awards for their wine... it is seriously good... and no, there is no 2 dollar competition category!

    Have fun!

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Quality food at decent prices. A lot of natural foods for a healthy diet.

  • mrsjones5

    I like Trader Joes. Have you noticed there are no Trader Joes in the hood?

  • Dagney

    You can basically do all your grocery shopping there. Start with your staples and add in a few things that look interesting to experiment. I think they have the best prices on all their deli stuff, for instance I think their goat cheese is cheaper than costco!

    For specialty items, I love the peach salsa and goatcheese, endive and blue cheese pecan dip, olive and tomato can eat quite gourmet for a fraction of the price of a gourmet market.

    You'll love it!

  • beksbks

    Here in the San Fran Bay Area, they are soooo much cheaper, and for better stuff! I don't shop anywhere else. The produce stand and TJ's, that's it.

    LDH, the more I see of you girl, the more I like you

  • New light for you
    New light for you

    i live for Trader Joes... here are some suggestions on my favorites...

    1. they have actual pizza dough, like you would make, in a bag, in with the cold cut packages. it's AWESOME, all you have to do is come home, roll it out, dress it up, and it's HOMEMADE!

    2. Anything frozen really.. their frozen house brand mac&cheese is amazing... their frozen sides ie. mushroom risotto, asparagus rice etc. awesome sides for a quickie

    3.2 buck chuck is 3buck chuck here on the east coast! weird, still an awesome deal. so many people buy tons of it for weddings and all other parties

    4. Juices... awesome juices! amazing variety

    5. frozen asparagus filled raviolis-fresh frozen... aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

    thats my first thoughts.. enjoy!!!!!!!!

  • Dagney
    ginger snap cookies are to die for.

    Ohhh yes....forgot about them. They are ginger hot and snappy!!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    We have Aldis here, but not Trader Joes.

  • Gregor

    We are disciples of the Trader Joe cult. Love that store. The cheese section, wow! The wines! I could go on and on, it is the kind of market they will have in the New World when the lion lies down with lamb, oh yeah, the Lamb! The Tuna steaks!

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