Trader Joes

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  • LisaAnn

    I go there several times a week- but only for the few items I like. We've compared TJ with others, but we're all really picky in my family- we prefer name brand spaghetti sauce, noodles, bread, salsa, chili, popcorn, crackers, yogurt, mac&cheese, etc. so I have to go to Safeway for those. Besides- hamburger, tri-tip, pot roast and such are always cheaper when on sale at SW.

    The things I only buy at TJ's are: Butter (the best!), black forest ham, sliced deli cheeses, french bread, spicy hummus (Mmmmm), 2buck chuck, TJ beer, coffee, fruit, vegies, and frozen wild blueberries. (Actually, I'm eating a Black bean& cheese burrito this very minute!!)

  • asilentone

    JWD is slow at this time of the night, so I thought I would bump this topic to see if others will reply on my thread.

  • gymbob

    A great thread to bump.....

  • Warlock
    I like Trader Joes. Have you noticed there are no Trader Joes in the hood?

    No, Jonesie, I really never noticed. Warlock

  • mrsjones5

    Oh joy! I just looked it up and Trader Joe's accepts EBT. Yay!

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