2009 Circuit Assembly Program - Devil's crafty acts in "education"

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  • sir82
    Why do parents usually send kids to college.. To make a name for self and get rich.

    Directly from the Rudolph Hess playbook..."repeat a lie often enough, and people will believe it."

    Yes, all those elementary school teachers, marine biologists, pharmacists, and liberal arts majors are all, every one of them, in it for the fame & money.


  • Finally-Free

    The watchtower's reasons for ranting against college are pure, unadultrated bullshit. We started learning about evolution in the 7th grade, and that was in a Catholic school. Anyone I know who got involved in premarital sex, drinking, or drugs, myself included, did so long before college. They are afraid of one thing, and one thing only - a well tuned mind that's capable of researching, evaluating, and drawing conclusions logically and objectively. Those are the minds that see through their bullshit and leave.


  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It
    What is the value of higher education. Could what you want to do be learned at a local vocational school instead.

    Hah! Speaking as a "faithful obedient" one who attended vocational/technical school instead of college since my parents were also faithful and obedient, I will say thier logic is way off. I found the caliber people who attended vo-tech were WAY lower than the AP students. These were the girls who were less than prudes and often pregnant by 17. These were the guys who fought at the drop of a hat. Drug and alchohol use was more frequent in this group. Is this REALLY the best solution?

    I'm sure there are wild times to be had at ANY college/university. But that can be done in moderation. I agree with another poster that there are people of other Christian faiths who don't believe evolutionary theory but still learn it.

    You sure aren't learning critical thinking and advanced math or science concepts at the KH.

    -- Not Schooling It

  • Finally-Free
    What is the value of higher education. Could what you want to do be learned at a local vocational school instead.

    This is answered easily enough. I didn't go to university. I did take many courses, and hold more industry certifications than everyone else in my IT department combined. Yet I earn the second lowest salary in our department of 6 people. Some earn as much as $35 K more than me. Why? They have degrees. I don't.


  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I honestly don't remember the hatred of education being this blatant when I was a kid in the 80s. Its so over the top! The fact is that the horse is out of the barn. By giving the go ahead in the early 90s (I missed it but am almost finished my Bachelors now), they have a whole generation that has gone to college. Also, you've got folks that weren't allowed to go now seeing that they would have been better served going to college and wanting to make sure that their kids don't make the same mistake. Honestly, I know a ton of JWs with kids in college and a bunch more with kids in middle/high school who are planning on going. As Mary pointed out, the JW mindset that I'm familiar with is that the dangers of college really come with living on campus as opposed to the actual education. So, most that I've seen attend a local college. Not sure what happens when you live in an area without a university within driving distance. The more radical they become, the more passive aggressive rebellion you see among the average JW. I actually want to go to this CA so I can point out the craziness to my wife who is very pro-education.

  • StAnn

    Here's the Symposium I'd like to see:

    1:45 Symposium: “Stand Firm Against the Devil’s Crafty Acts”
    * Have You Identified Satan’s Crafty Acts?
    * In the Field Service/"Marking" Work
    * In the Field of No Education, Entertainment, or Recreation because you'd have to be in groups, a big no-no
    * In the Field of Quasi-Religious Publishing that perverts Christian teaching, enslaves workers, and demonizes all non-cult members


  • Gopher


    Seriously? They want to encourage power hungry people to jump at positions in the congregation? Isn't there already enough strife and infighting in your average congregation?

  • Mary
    Liken finding child on a ladder… Why? Is he escaping something? No, just showing off for friends.

    Or maybe that child is being held prisoner in a basement by some adults who abuse him and the only way out is by climbing a ladder that's missing a couple of rungs. Is it worth him taking a chance on the ladder? Yep, I sure as hell would say it is.

    For alot of Witnesses, the only way they can escape the cult is by getting themselves a decent education. So despite all the partying, booze, drugs and fornication that goes on at university, is it worth it to get out of a lousy situation? Yep, I sure as hell would say it is.

    As you look, the ladder is old and missing rungs. You don’t want the child on the ladder at all no matter the reason. What more, a thunderstorm is coming. The ladder is all the more dangerous. College is like that ladder. It often promotes sex, drugs etc. Being on an old ladder doesn’t garentee a person get hurt, but it’s not wise neither is college.
    "When you meet the friendliest people you have ever known, who introduce you to the most loving group of people you have ever encountered, and you find the leader to be the most caring, compassionate and understanding person you have ever met, and then you learn the cause of the group is something you never dared hope could be accomplished, and all this sounds too good to be true — it probably is too good to be true! Don't give up your education, your hopes and ambitions to follow a rainbow."----Jeannie Mills, Jonestown Survivor
  • momzcrazy

    Can I vomit now?

    What gotme...Beware of Overconfidence.

  • momzcrazy

    College promotes sex and drugs?

    WTF? My niece is graduating in the spring. She'll come out making 6 figures. AND she'll be helping some of these ingrates in the hospital.

    College promotes a better life when you graduate. What happens while there can be attributed to the child's upbringing, IMO.

    And "Beware of Overconfindence". No, stay beat down so you won't question us.

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