2009 Circuit Assembly Program - Devil's crafty acts in "education"

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    Yknot, thanks for link.

    I found this interesting from the blog:

    Ez. 34:11, 16 is another thing we need to work on.
    When ppl go inactive, Jeh doesn’t stop living or looking
    Approx 15 inactive in each congregation
    1184 publishers
    How do we get them back? It’s elders primary rspinsibility. Sheperding calls should not be a low priority.
    11 reactivated people in last 6 months.
    But each of us has a responsiblity and can do something to assist. Love hopes all things. They are lost but not lost causes. Look in new WT.
    Eph. 5:1
    1 Pet. He devil is looking to devour some. Are we in his sights?
    We need a proper attitude about inactive ones.
    Husband and wife go hiking. Wife was concerned about mountain lions. Husband says nah. She got ahead of him, heard a noise and turned to see a mountian lion devouring husband. She picked up anstick and started beating lion. Lion wasn’t giving up. She stabbed it with a ballpoint pen. It finally left. Dr. said he should thank his life. Without her he would be dead.
    Whose idea was it to ignore danger? Sure the husband got himself into the mess. What if she grabbed the stick and started yelling at him? Lol. That would make no sense. Likewise, inactive ones may have made themselves that way, but we need to remember who the real enemy is. Attack Satan, find the lost ones, bring them back.

    The Society assume that inactive ones are simply worn out - but many of those inactive are disappointed and discouraged with the organization.

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    Well this is not good....

    11:10 Can You “Be at This Ministry”- By Pioneering?

    Being at the ministry helps ppl, builds faith, saves lives.
    1 tim. 1:13
    Rev. 12:9. Satans not forcing ppl to do evil things, he misleads them.
    By sharing bible truths we ppl they see they have a choice.
    Rom. 15:4
    That hope can motivate honest-hearted ppl.
    We teach ppl how to gain control of their life.
    Col. 3:8-10 Knowing they can get rid of traits makes them excited and they soon start putting on the new personality- despite being surrounded by evil influences.

    What does it take to pioneer?
    A willingness to make sacrifices, discipline.
    When we were baptized we promised to put kingdom interests first. What better way to show obedience, love than to pioneer?

    70 hours a month to regular pioneer
    50 hours a month to auxillary

    Ask ourselves where we exert our energy and if we can adapt circumstances to do more in Service. If we don’t have the desire to do so- pray for it, then work in harmony with prayers.
    Matt. 9:36- pity= compassion. A desire to relieve someones destress.
    Our love and faith can grow every day.

    Anyone got any new info on the pioneer hours being lowered? Not that they could easily adjust this part of the presentation but it looks like the Sept CA is still pushing the old hours.

  • Mary

    That outline just screams "paranoia"........The basic problem they have with 'higher education' is not that it teaches evolution. That's just an excuse they use. There's plenty of people who attend university who still keep their faith---the difference is that they belong to more mainstream religions, not high control groups.

    University teaches you how to think critically, how to examine a belief by starting with no preconceived ideas and in your essays you are expected to research A LOT from various sources, not just the Craptower literature. The end result of course, is usually that the person comes to realize that the Organization is a cult and they leave. That's why they are constantly coming up with these ridiculous symposiums linking higher education with "Satan".

    What a pathetic joke. I might just try going to the Circus ASSembly one day to tape this crap.....

  • truthseeker


    I think changes are being announced in October.


    Yes, you are aboslutely right - they are paranoid. Not everyone studies for a degree for money and fame, I reckon 95% study because they know an entry level job will not pay them living wages.

    The drugs and sex excuse is just that, an excuse, because you can take a degree online without leaving your home yet they don't encourage alternative ways to studying H.E.

    Think about it - you could get a full scholarship which paid tuition, study online and get a degree and it still wouldn't be enough for the faithful slave.

  • yknot

    Ack !!!!!

    In field of education

    Christian parents realize nothing is better for their children than divine education.
    Is. 54:13
    Jeh. is the happy God etc. What more can a parent want than for their kid to have everlasting life.
    We steer them to things good but also direct them from dangers.

    Liken finding child on a ladder… Why? Is he escaping something? No, just showing off for friends. As you look, the ladder is old and missing rungs. You don’t want the child on the ladder at all no matter the reason. What more, a thunderstorm is coming. The ladder is all the more dangerous.
    College is like that ladder. It often promotes sex, drugs etc. Being on an old ladder doesn’t garentee a person get hurt, but it’s not wise neither is college.
    Pro. (?)
    Drama. A son gets a full scholarship. Moms concerned and goes to elder who directsbshe and her son to WT. Why do parents usually send kids to college.. To make a name for self and get rich.
    Do Christians want that sort of environment for their kids? Eldernasks son how high school has been. He admits to immorality being rampant but has mom to fall back to for strength. When moving away to a college, he’d lose that safety net. Would be encouraged to put aside spiritual goals for awhile to pursue college. It could hinder spiritual goals and health.
    What is the value of higher education. Could what you want to do be learned at a local vocational school instead.
    Is 48:17

    Ps. 91:1
    Jeh. doesn’t leave us empty-handed. We need to seek first the kingdom of God.

    Experiences of people who went to college yet couldn’t find work. She did everything she was “suposed to do” yet she started handing out resumees to strangers at nightclubs.
    43% of college grads are underemployed. They get a job that didn’t need a degree.
    Satan makes many promises but fails to deliver. Jeh shows us how to live and meet financial needs.

    Experience- father offers to pay for college edu but son knew it wasn’t in his best interst. He knows nothing is free and was afraid it would cost him he spirituality. He took a technical class the last year of high school to become an electritian… ended up working as a computer engineer because of his first training. He still feels he made the right choice and now works with Quick Builds and flexibility of job has allowed him to regular pioneer for 6 years now.

    Experience.. Was offered a scholarship. He always played sports but his family came into the truth in his sophmore year. His mom asked him to stop sports because of bad association. Senior year coach took him to a college and during some impromptu playing was offered full scholarship. Coach pushed his buttons about college being the responsible thing to do to care for disabled mom etc. Instead, he went into full time service. He didn’t make decission lightly. He examined lives of those who had went and what they went through… Ended up finding good job then started own business. Spiritual education helped him choose wisely.

    Phil 2:20-22 What made Timothy different? He put kingdom interest above all. He has fame- we talk about him even today. Riches?- he is a king in god’s kingdom and has no need for money. Glory- he’s an immortal spirit creature

    And how exactly would any JW writer know this stuff? I mean we have been anti-college forever (minus the brief moment in the 90s) I wonder if they got a pass to go watch "College" or maybe they just rented "Animal House" & the "Porky's" series from netflix!

    And what is the freakin' difference between a community college vocational program and a state university. The are both 'higher education!

    Oh and what about Adult education? Do they not know that Adults 25-65 are the largest growing demographic!

    So lil' Susie Sunshine can become a CNA or LPN, ....but RN, BSN and MSN fastracks are not allowed!


  • VM44

    Thinkers? No, Thanks!

    Norman Hovland

    To most of us it is of course quite obvious why the Watchtower Society prefer their "faithful" to have as little education as possible, but it is still very rare to see this expressed so blunt and honest as here:

    "In the world, there is a tendency to reject leadership. As one lecturer said: "The rising education level has improved the talent pool such that followers have become so critical that they are almost impossible to lead." But a spirit of independent thinking does not prevail in God's organization, and we have sound reasons for confidence in the men taking the lead among us." (The Watchtower, September 15, 1989, p. 23, §13)

    Imagine that! Education promotes critical thinking and makes people so smart that they stop to blindly follow their hypocritical religious or political leaders. And thinking people are (gasp, choke) "almost impossible to lead"!

  • independent_tre

    3:25 Beware of Overconfidence That's my fav...

    "Please friends, do not become overconfident and believe you can actually think for yourselves. Let the Society continue to tell you what to believe, what to think, how to make love to your wife, what color socks to wear, etc. etc...."

  • WTWizard

    This is even worse than I thought it was going to be. Yes, they are against the Internet (because it allows more fully integrated research with little more cost than the wear and tear on a mouse button on a single click). Yes, they are against higher education (because it teaches people to think, albeit impaired by the agendas of the government but still more than the Washtowel likes people to think).

    However, the biggest thing is the pio-sneering. They still haven't announced the cut in hours--that is like seeing a "Speed Limit 50" sign posted prominently while the cops and courts are enforcing a 35 MPH speed limit. They are actually pushing 50/70 when it's 35/50. Just to get people to put in more hours than they really should! And hounding everyone to pio-sneer, just so they can get that damn waste of paper campaign finished!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    "College is like that ladder. It often promotes sex, drugs etc. Being on an old ladder doesn’t guarantee a person get hurt, but it’s not wise neither is college." Wow did I miss out. I must have missed those courses that promote sex. And drugs too? Damn

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