2009 Circuit Assembly Program - Devil's crafty acts in "education"

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    I finished my working days as a refrigeration engineer (not a window cleaner) having spent many years in the trade after a 5 years apprenticeship.

    This did not stop them EXPECTING me to gift them a freezer, for their Bristol assembly hall kitchens.

    Where would the Org. be if they were all window cleaners, (I do not have anything against window cleaning), but how could they respond to all the litigation actions that have come their way, if they had not made sure they employed this special level of skills!!.

    I don't think you can build a massive empire, employing just window cleaners

    Did Jesus Christ go against the society by learning a trade in carpentry?


  • Gordy

    When I read that assembly program and the notes on the blog. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or get angry.

    Many of my thoughts have already been commented on by those above. Particularly about education.

    They say that those who go to university only do so "to get rich and make a name for themselves". Maybe its because people want to have a better life for themselves and for any family they may have in the future. Maybe its because it they want to make a better world for others. Maybe its because they want to do some good, by becoming doctors etc.

    To tar everyone who goes to university as "wanting to be rich and make a name" is an effront to all those who have worked hard to get were they are. To those who are working away in hospitals or in third world countries helping others. To those who are working in research trying to find cures for the many diseases and cancers.

    They say that universities are full of "fornication, drink, drugs, partying" etc.

    But as it has been pointed out all that an be found quite easily without going to university. In a persons place of work it can be a lot worse that what goes on at university, and thats among so called mature adults, not youths at college. Even in some Kingdom Halls I have been told such things have gone on.

    On a lighter note I had to laugh at this view :

    "Cell phones- They can be helpful… But also inappropriate by pursuing inappropriate relationships. !!!! Texting can make inappropriate relationships more possible. We must be cautious."

    My God! How did we manage in the past without mobile phones (as we call them im UK) "inappropriate relationships" still took place.

    Again as has been said the whole assembly program is nothing more than another set of mind-control teachings.

    The Watchtower must be really scared of something lately.

  • cabasilas

    I found these notes of the symposium's part on Education from this JW site:


    Br. Garesh
    … In field of education

    Christian parents realize nothing is better for their children than divine education.
    Is. 54:13
    Jeh. is the happy God etc. What more can a parent want than for their kid to have everlasting life.
    We steer them to things good but also direct them from dangers.

    Liken finding child on a ladder… Why? Is he escaping something? No, just showing off for friends. As you look, the ladder is old and missing rungs. You don’t want the child on the ladder at all no matter the reason. What more, a thunderstorm is coming. The ladder is all the more dangerous.
    College is like that ladder. It often promotes sex, drugs etc. Being on an old ladder doesn’t garentee a person get hurt, but it’s not wise neither is college.
    Pro. (?)
    Drama. A son gets a full scholarship. Moms concerned and goes to elder who directsbshe and her son to WT. Why do parents usually send kids to college.. To make a name for self and get rich.
    Do Christians want that sort of environment for their kids? Eldernasks son how high school has been. He admits to immorality being rampant but has mom to fall back to for strength. When moving away to a college, he’d lose that safety net. Would be encouraged to put aside spiritual goals for awhile to pursue college. It could hinder spiritual goals and health.
    What is the value of higher education. Could what you want to do be learned at a local vocational school instead.
    Is 48:17

    Ps. 91:1
    Jeh. doesn’t leave us empty-handed. We need to seek first the kingdom of God.

    Experiences of people who went to college yet couldn’t find work. She did everything she was “suposed to do” yet she started handing out resumees to strangers at nightclubs.
    43% of college grads are underemployed. They get a job that didn’t need a degree.
    Satan makes many promises but fails to deliver. Jeh shows us how to live and meet financial needs.

    Experience- father offers to pay for college edu but son knew it wasn’t in his best interst. He knows nothing is free and was afraid it would cost him he spirituality. He took a technical class the last year of high school to become an electritian… ended up working as a computer engineer because of his first training. He still feels he made the right choice and now works with Quick Builds and flexibility of job has allowed him to regular pioneer for 6 years now.

    Experience.. Was offered a scholarship. He always played sports but his family came into the truth in his sophmore year. His mom asked him to stop sports because of bad association. Senior year coach took him to a college and during some impromptu playing was offered full scholarship. Coach pushed his buttons about college being the responsible thing to do to care for disabled mom etc. Instead, he went into full time service. He didn’t make decission lightly. He examined lives of those who had went and what they went through… Ended up finding good job then started own business. Spiritual education helped him choose wisely.

    Phil 2:20-22 What made Timothy different? He put kingdom interest above all. He has fame- we talk about him even today. Riches?- he is a king in god’s kingdom and has no need for money. Glory- he’s an immortal spirit creature.

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