Mario Beltrami and Aluminum

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  • MissingLink

    "I'm not going to argue about chemistry"

    I tried dumbing it down as much as possible. If you can't get that much chemistry, then this conversation is pointless.

    "You can buy deodorants without aluminum."

    If you understood my above point you would know that there AREN'T ANY deodorants with Aluminum in them. While the chemical sounds like aluminum, it's something totally different. (I'm dumbing it down just a tad more here).

    Sorry for the bad attitude. I get frustrated by the ignorance here, and sometimes embarrassed to be associated with it. People hear all sorts of crazy wives tales, and just continue to spread them. I've researched this subject. Loads of people have fallen for this story, spread the story, expounded on it, but it just isn't true.

    Missing Link (chemist)

  • jaguarbass

    If aluminium cookware was dangerous - it would be banned.

    Yah, just like cigarettes and fast food.

  • DaCheech

    how could any product coming from this beautiful earth the "god" created be bad for us?

    huh huh cough cough

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Let' avoid aluminum and Mario Beltrami!

  • rebel8

    Well, MissingLink has a point, in that the old time watchtowers did indeed preach the aluminum myths, with no scientific evidence. As I recall they attributed it to a conspiracy and had very bizarre illustrations of people conspiring to poison jws with pots and pans. You can find many old discussions of this on this site.

    Anyways, the point is, it's worth betting this guy is not "allergic to aluminum". He is probably one of the old-timers still following the old teachings. There are lots of elderly (and not-so-elderly) jws who still follow this teaching, about 100 years later, even though it hasn't been mentioned in decades.

    And the point behind that is, when they found out they've taught something completely false or irresponsible, they never revoke it, they just stop talking about it and hope people will forget. This happened with blood fractions, thank you very much, and many a faithful jw hemophiliac such as myself died because they kept following the old teaching, not knowing it had been changed.

    That is all. Edited to add illustrations. I think the point is made:


  • drwtsn32

    Mumbo jumbo. Just like "EM sensitivity" or "chemical sensitivity". We had SEVERAL pioneer sisters in our cong who would refuse to use someone's car in service if it had an air freshener. They were ALL "sensitive to the chemicals". *rolls eyes*

  • DaCheech

    I started this thread with these vague suspitions. I think this guy believes the old stuff written in the days.

    I think this guy' age is 57-64ish

  • MeneMene

    While I do not use aluminum containers to cook and store pizza (tomato sauce), spaghetti sauces, chili (w/ tomatoes) etc., I do not hesitate to use aluminum foil for wrapping and storing lots of other foods like sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.

    I even purchased some disposable aluminum cake pans to bake cakes in for a dinner I'm going to.

    I think it is just the reaction of certain things like tomato sauces that causes problems for me.

    My son & his first wife lived with me for several months before they moved into their own place. When they moved, his wife brought in the old type aluminum pot & pans to cook in. It was shortly after that he started getting sick to his stomach and throwing up a lot. The marriage did not last long and once she and her aluminum pots were gone so was his stomach problems.

    Aluminum the problem ?? Who knows -

  • DaCheech


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