so is there anything I dont know about JW's yet?

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  • snowbird

    Watch Tower View of Blacks

    WT 8-1-1998 Negro race degraded due to curse on Ham.

    WT 10-1-1900 Black man prayed to become White and it happened!

    WT 7-15-1902 Whites exhibit superior intelligence due to divine control.

    WT 2-15-1904 Under Restitution, Blacks will turn White.

    WT 4-1-1914 Blacks to remain humble and wait for Millenial Kingdom to restore them to perfection (White).

    GA 7-24-1929 Due to Hamitic curse, Coloreds have been and are a race of servants.

    WT 2-1-1952 Colored race meek & teachable and are a large part of "theocratic increase."

    I got this info from Freeminds.


  • AudeSapere

    Here's one of the links I was thinking of:

    Scroll down to the thumbnail posts that DannyHazard posted.

    I hope this helps a little.


  • still_in74
    Elders meet in private and decide to send a set amount of money to the Society, usually few thousand bucks. That amount is put on the books and is added to the costs of the assembly, resulting in a deficit every time. The deficit is announced to the membership, but a list of itemized expenses is never announced. If the deficit is not covered by the money collected at the assembly, the local congregations are sent the bill

    i never knew that!!!!! what a sneaky way to increase donations!!!!!!!

  • flipper

    STILL in 74- I haven't noticed anyone say this yet- nor did you in your opening remarks. But it's importance can't be overemphasized ! Jehovah's Witnesses are a dangerous mind control cult. That's a fact. If you have not read " Combatting Cult Mind Control" and " Releasing the Bonds - Helping People to think for themselves " do yourself a favor and read both books. The second book definitely gives examples of Jehovah's Witnesses in it as a mind control cult and it will help you understand how you and your family were sucked into it. It will help you understand why these people are so crazy. Both books are written by Steve Hassan. I highly recommend them

  • neverendingjourney
    i never knew that!!!!! what a sneaky way to increase donations!!!!!!!

  • AudeSapere
    still-in wrote: is there documentation of any like this? any letters or elder instructions?

    OK. I found a better link. Affectionately called the 'Three Year Rule', this loophole allows some elders to maintain their positions.

    Here's the thread:

    You can possibly find a little more info on JWD search with the words: Three+year+rule

    Hope this helps.


  • middleman

    How do we know Fred Franz was not baptized? I would be very interested to see the source.

    BTW Quotes, that was/is a GREAT website. Sorry you went through what you did.

    Take care now...

  • sacolton

    God really, really cares about:

    -- what video games you play

    -- what movies you watch

    -- whether you wear denim or not

    -- whether you save seats for people who "don't live in the same household as you or arrived with you in the same car"

    You forgot: -- what cars you purchase. They better have four doors.

  • middleman

    Can someone please tell me how they know Fred Franz was never baptized?

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