so is there anything I dont know about JW's yet?

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    There's the Tacoma Dome thing that I remember reading about.

    As I recall, the rental agreement for District Convention stipulated that the attendees not be charged for parking. Greed and arrogance took over and - as is done at all DC's - the delegates paid for parking passes via their local Kingdom Halls.

    Here's a link to one of the threads on the subject:

    It was a small scandal but still something to ponder.



    Gary Buss..Ole Freddy never did take the JW Dip..He figured his first Baptizim from his old Church was good enough..So..He never bothered to become a Baptized JW.....He did`nt mind becoming an Un-Baptized WBT$/JW Leader though............Most JW`s know nothing about the History of the WBT$..And..They`ll knock on your door to tell you about it!!....."Hi!..I`m a JW!..I Don`t know Sh*t! about my own Religion..Wanna join?".....LOL!!........................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

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    I like that $30,000 loss in a lawsuit. Next time, I hope it is $300 billion.

    Now I know what happens if, at the end of the a$$emblies, there is still a deficit and they cannot get enough people to pay the fabricated deficit. It goes to the congregations, where if they end up going belly up, results in fewer people out there placing wastes of paper and getting money from the public to donate to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund.

  • Quotes

    (from personal experience):

    Direct quotes, fully referenced and cited, from WTS literature, can have only one purpose (according the WTS's own words: "too embarrass the WTS".

    WTS uses costly litigation, provided by their in-house legal department, to stifle the very scrutiny they demand other religions receive. WTS has brought suit against at least one individual (yes, it was me) who was simply quoting their material. They are very similar to Scientology in this regard, in my opinion.

    Oh, and that in-house legal department pretends to be an arms-length, separate agency, but even a rudimentary analysis would reveal they are actually an in-house department; WTS is the "dog" and the legal dept. is the "tail". This might not seem very important to the average person, but in certain legal situations it is quite dishonest, probably unethical, and possibly a contravention of law.


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    Does the president of the Watch Tower Society have to be baptized as a Jehovah's Witness?

    What's you're answer?


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    Elders who are capable of keeping their mouths shut for 5 years can do the nasty, not confess it for 5 years, confess it and continue serving. Soooo, if Jehovah has apparently forgiven them, why even bother telling the other elders? Yeah, just keep it quiet.

    is there documentation of any like this? any letters or elder instructions?

  • BabaYaga

    Okay, here are a couple I don't see listed:

    Some JWs are allowed to receive blood transfusions with no repercussions (due to the governmental ruling, they would not allow disfellowshipping for a life-saving act, that would constitute a cult, not a religion!!)

    Some JWs are allowed to VOTE. Similar principle. It depends on the "ruling of the land".

    Now isn't that interesting?

    And Mickey, yer killin' me with that David Lynch comment!

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    still-in wrote: is there documentation of any like this? any letters or elder instructions?

    I think it's in the Elder's Handbook - either in print or in the write-in notes that elders are supposed to do themselves at the direction of the CO (??).

    My best recollection is that this was discussed in the thread where Richie's procured book was photocopied. If I can find the link, I will post it here.


  • sir82

    God really, really cares about:

    -- what video games you play

    -- what movies you watch

    -- whether you wear denim or not

    -- whether you save seats for people who "don't live in the same household as you or arrived with you in the same car"

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