Mr. Flipper's Son's Witness Mom Tells Him- " Your Thinking is From Satan "

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  • Dagney
    Your son's Mom being worried about him joining a cult is RICH.

    (LOL, I was thinking the same

    Mr. Flipper, Hi how are you? Hope you and Mrs. Flipper are well.

    Your son did a great job with his mom!

  • Maddie

    The WT are definitely creating an atmosphere of anticipation that Armageddon is coming soon! They are very careful not to commit themselves to another false date but are whipping the r/f up by the changes they are making in the Organisation to a type of manic expectation again. It seems that they are also instilling more fear in them that Satan is getting in everywhere now (more than ever).

    Good for Flipper Junior, you must be very proud of him.


  • mrsjones5

    Satan is an enviromentalist...what a funny concept

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll reply back !

    GOPHER - Thanks guy. What I find crazy nuts is how my ex-wife can roll that expression, " Your thinking is from Satan " so easily off her tongue ! They truly are superstitious to the hilt and in " fear " of everything ! How are my son and his girlfriend from Satan if they are helping the earth ? I also think my son and his girlfriend make the world a better place ! Thanks for the well wishes .

    BONAFIDE- Glad to help out bro ! Anytime ! You are right ; if more witnesses asked themselves what they are really being loyal to - then more of them would doubt the trueness of what they're taught ! Which is basically lies. Good points you make !

    LEOLAIA- You are right. His mom and ALL witnesses are such a paradox ! They say one thing out of one side of their mouth ; then a completely different thing from the other side of their mouth !

    EYES OPEN- I am very proud of my son, yes ! I'm glad he finally verbally stood up to his mother !

    NEW YORK 44M- I think your ex must have known my ex ! LOL! Hey - maybe we had the same ex-wife, exactly ! That's kind of freaky though - that means my , er, your, ex-wife gets around ! LOL! Creepy this mind control makes the wives act the same .

    DINAH- Very true. The witnesses use the term " satan " as a crutch to instill fear in the rank and file members ! " Oh ! This is from Satan. That is from Satan. " Crazy.

    ISAAC AUSTIN- Yes. I really feel proud of my son, very proud ! Thanks.

    RACHE 31- It is true that witnesses never give us credit for doing something good outside " the witness box of thinking. You are right - How could his thinking be from Satan if he wants to care for the earth ??

    QUIRKY- Maybe Flipper junior should start his own cult ! ( Just joking. ) I'm glad he told his mom how he really feels ! You are welcome for the talk ! We shall talk again soon !

    SHAWN 10538- Thanks guy !

    QUANDRY- It bothers me as well that his witness mom can't be proud of his university accomplishments and everything else he's done. At least she could have been authentic with him and not cult inspired. Yes- With her shunning him even though he is a great person she is the one to be pitied by her actions ! She is a sad basket case !

    DAGNEY- Hello ! Yes we are well ! Good to hear from you ! How are you ? Thanks, I think my son did great too !

    MADDIE- I agree with you the Watchtower society is whipping up the Armageddon frenzy again ! And it does seem like they mention "Satan's influence " more than ever now ! I am proud of Flipper junior !

    MRS. JONES- That is funny ! Satan an environmentalist ! And my son doesn't even have horns or a pitchfork ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sspo

    Your son did a great job in standing up to her.

    She's mentally sick, yet we need to have mercy on her since the brainwashing comes thru the watchtower.

    Went thru the same with my ex.

    Have 3 kids, 2 are out and one to go go.

  • flipper

    SSPO- THanks, I feel my son did a good job standing up to his mom as well. I realize she is mentally sick , as well as " mind controlled " by the cult. For her- I think she is both mentally sick and seperately " mind controlled " , so she has a lot of issues she's dealing with. Not just the mind control from the cult. I am so glad for you that you have 2 children out of the cult , one to go. I have 1 adult child out of the cult 2 to go ! I just purchased Steve Hassan's other book after reading " Combatting Cult Mind Control" last year. I just purchased " Releasing the Bonds- Empowering People to Think for Themselves ". I'm going to start reading it today. Hope I can get some ideas to help my daughters get out of the witnesses in time. I will be posting excerpts I read from it on the board as I go ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper


    Mr Flipper,

    Your son is made of some good stuff, standing up to his mom like he did.I wish your son and his girlfriend a happy time on the farm. WooHoo!!!


  • flipper

    ESTEE- Thanks sis ! I feel he and his girlfriend are made of good stuff and I'm proud of how he stood up to his mom ! She can be so controlling with her ways- but he voiced his opinion ! I hope they have fun on the farm as well ! It will be a great learning experience for he and his girlfriend at age 23 and 22 ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • PrimateDave

    Great replies by your son to his mother, Mr. Flipper! I am very envious of his opportunity as I've secretly fantasized about going back to nature ever since reading My Side of the Mountain as a child.

    Your Ex sounds really good at alienating people. I hope she stays with the Witnesses. ;)


  • flipper

    PRIMATE DAVE- Thanks guy- I think he gave great answers to his mom also. I too think living out in the wild would be great ! My wife and I live in the mountains, kind of remote, however my son and girlfriend are now really remote ! I too think his mother is skilled at alienating people. She is so mind controlled- I'm sure she'll stay in the witnesses - where she belongs , in my opinion

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