Mr. Flipper's Son's Witness Mom Tells Him- " Your Thinking is From Satan "

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  • BonaFide

    Flipper you made some really nice comments to me previously about my friends and family that are JW's and I appreciate the support.

    I will say that awhile back someone told me the following when I was still believing in the "truth": "You know, I can see you are being loyal. And you think that is what Jehovah wants. But what are you really being loyal to? How many years have to go by and how many changes will you put up with in the name of truth until you realize what is going on?

    That helped me really think about the doubts I already had and how much more would I put up with?


  • Leolaia

    I love how one minute she says that she is afraid that her son would be entrapped with "cultish ideas"....

    And the next she says that the reason for her concern is that Armageddon is so close!

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Wow. With a Mum like that he'll never be tempted to sign up to the WTS. Good on him for doing what he's doing - you must be very proud Mr. Flipper.

  • NewYork44M

    Mr Flipper, are you sure you were not married to my ex? That is exactly the kind of crap she says.

  • dinah

    I didn't read the whole thread.

    Your son's Mom being worried about him joining a cult is RICH.

    One good thing about coming out of Witness mind control is that you no longer fear Satan. They just use him for their persecution complex. How many times have we heard them say "that is from Satan". Everything from higher education to having a girlfriend. (Cos we all know girls are the devil)

    Your son is giving her intelligent rebuttals.

  • isaacaustin

    Mr Flipper

    You must be very proud of your boy!

  • rache31

    So his thinking is from Satan? Since when was she taught that Satan is concerned with the environment and caring for the earth? Its sad that when you do something positive in your life dubs don't know how to be happy and proud of you. Well, that Satan, he is a busy character!

  • Quirky1

    Maybe he should have lead her on and said he wasn't joining a cult but starting one so he could make money and compete with the witnesses and that he was looking for new ones to join..LOL

    I'm glad your son handled it the way he did. This way it really indicates to his mother how he really feels.

    BTW, Thanks for the talk!


  • Shawn10538

    Very cool.

  • Quandry

    So sad -couldn't just once his mom say she is proud of him for all that he has accomplished? The fact that she has only spoken to him a few times in SIX YEARS means that she is the one who is to be pitied.

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