Mr. Flipper's Son's Witness Mom Tells Him- " Your Thinking is From Satan "

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  • flipper

    Some of you remember about 9 months ago when my son's fanatic witness mother ( my ex ) tried E-mailing him at college to preach to him of the evils of higher learning. He stood up for himself admirably. She left him alone - but she's back at it again like a bad dream that just won't quit ! LOL! As if on cue - the night before my son and his girlfriend were to leave for a few months to caretake a ranch in Oregon - his mom calls my cell phone while he and his girlfriend were visiting us the last 2 weeks. Is this witness woman a damned psychic or something ?

    My ex-wife says to me on the phone, " I hear Flipper junior is going to travel to Canada , or has new age ideas . Is he joining a cult ? I'm so worried because there are lots of people like David Koresh out there who would entrap our son with cultish ideas ! " I felt like saying , " Takes one to know one. " But thought better of it. Then I told her , " No nothing like that ! Flipper junior is just wanting to live off the land like the native Americans and him and his girlfriend are caretaking a 400 acre ranch, taking care of the grounds and animals in Southern Oregon. They are looking after it while this married couple go out of the country. Flipper junior is NOT involved in a cult . "

    Then my son who was watching said, " Let me talk with her. " So, relieved at not having to talk to my ex- I handed him the phone as Mrs. Flipper, his girlfriend and myself got our bags of popcorn to watch and listen to the conversation between Flipper junior and his mom. He told his mom, " Why are you calling me now - when you have only talked to me a few times in 6 years since I've been out of the witnesses ? Now when I'm ready to move out of state ? " She said, " I'm just so concerned son with Armageddon getting so close that all you want to do is live off the land and go caretake a ranch somewhere ! You need to do more with your life ! " My son said, " Mom, we as humans can accomplish a lot ! We can conserve and look after the environment and make changes to this planet if we all pitch in and do our part ! ' His mom said, " Son, we don't have it in us to make these changes. Only Jehovah can do that ! " My son said , " Mom, Armageddon is NOT going to happen . We all need to make changes and help the environment. Even Jehovah's Witnesses pollute the environment using gasoline and oil in their cars ! " My son continued and stated he and his girlfriend were happier than they had ever been helping the earth and environment .

    Then his mom said," Son, your thinking is from Satan ! It is inspired of demons ! " Then my son basically told his mom this conversation was going nowhere and he would send pictures of where they were moving and he would E-mail them to her. After he got off the phone I told my son that I was proud of him for standing up for his beliefs - and he felt better verbally telling his mom things he wanted to say for a long time to her ! So I felt happy he could make a stand. So what do you think of this interchange ? As always I welcome your thoughts and observations ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • ninja

    I'll kill your ex for 2 bags of toffee popcorn and a betamax version of the elephant haggling....he he


    Flipper..Your Ex is nuts!.........Your boy sounds smart though..Must take after his Dad..LOL!!...............Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • dawg

    "for a few months to caretake a ranch in Oregon" -

    Damn, that lucky so and so... would he mind an old assed Ex-JW joining him on his care taking adventure?

    He's a good looking boy, a smart boy... his best years ahead of him and he has you to thank for that Flipper... you are a damn good dad... I wish you were my dad.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    If Jehovah doesn't step in soon, people like your son are gonna really screw up His plans!

    I sure hope Armageddon comes before humans start working together towards a better planet Earth.

    That would be horrible.


    p.s. Good luck to your son and his love.

  • flipper

    NINJA- I might take you up on your offer mate ! LOL! I think my ex was in that beta max version of " The Elephant Man " !

    OUTLAW- Thanks dude. Yeah. I hear you. I know the ex has been crazy for years ! Tell me something I don't know ! LOL! Try convincing her of that ! I think my son is a pretty smart cookie as well - hopefully a chip off the old fart, er I mean block ! LOL!

    DAWG- I bet my son would love to have an old ex-JW at the ranch with him ! Thanks for the kind words . I'd love to be your dad but that would mean I fathered you at 2 years of age - it's just too bizarre to comprehend ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    OPEN MIND- Yeah, I think a lot of people like my son would love to help this planet get back on track . We all are all we've got - since Armageddon is just a fantasy ! Might as well help the earth ! Thanks for the well wishes for my son and his girlfriend ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It

    Where... to... start...

    He has "new age ideas"? There are plenty of JWs who are huge on the holistic healings that I have run across. "Is he joining a cult?" God, I almost laughed my laptop off my lap on that one. What kind of clutish thinking is she worried about? We are right and everyone else is wrong and doomed to die? Or, we are God's channel for truth. Or, nevermind planning for your future sucess. The end is coming really soon. Uh, yeah, like in a few years. Blah, blah, blah, what total noise.

    At the point she called him demonic I would have tuned out too. Granted, it's a little hippish, new age-y for my blood, but I love to see the beauty in the world. Who can fault him for wanting to do that?

    What a looney. Fortunately you raised a man who can think for himself even under the onslaught of an authority figure like his own mother.

    -- Not Feeling It

  • flipper

    NOT FEELING IT- Yeah the ex really is a loony. I mean she gives him hell for going to college last December, now she is worried he took a break from college and is joining a " cult " allegedly. I mean how could she be less sincere ? Then telling him his " thinking is from Satan ? " I am glad he has a free thinking independent mind too

  • Gopher

    Your ex's non-private condemnation of your son leaves me speechless. Even when I was a JW, if I disagreed with someone I never told them that I thought they were on the Devil's side.

    JW's wonder why so many people hate them. No wonder, when not only their leadership but their members are full of foul language and foul ideas about non-members.

    This kind of dub-speak is excellent innoculation for people like your son's girlfriend, who can only look on in awestruck amazement at the absolute cruelty and narrow-mindedness of JW's and their beliefs.

    The world is a better place because of helpful people like your son and his girlfriend. I wish them all the best.

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