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  • OnTheWayOut

    Phasing out current C.O. arrangement, telling current C.O.'s that they may be D.O.'s or
    special pioneers- this is incentive for current C.O.'s to get on the ball and be very productive
    until the phase-out. They want to be D.O.'s, not spec. pioneers. Suck up as good as you can.

    P.O.'s will get to travel on their own dime, and that of the visited congregations. They will stay
    with "the friends" and return to their own home. It's nice spin to say how this is better prep. for
    "persecution" but it is crystal clear that it relieves WTS of an expense.

    P.O.'s that can volunteer often will be considered high-valued suck ups. A coveted position for
    cult members.

    No shock on the moving out of Brooklyn and moving in to Patterson. I will still call them the
    BORG (Brooklyn Organization).

  • NewYork44M

    This seems like a hell of a burden to place on P.O. Many of these are getting up in years. I cant see this as a workable solution.

    And what is all this longterm planning about? When I tried to plan for the future my ex wife used to view this as a lack of faith that we are very very near the end.

  • yknot
    In my experience - which is expansive and covers many, many congregations - PO's are the ones that cause most of the problems in the first place.

    I agree, many of these men were nothing more then ego driven demi-gods that truly were just shy of maniacal

    Oddly enough I was talking yesterday about how many our longest running PO stumbled or outright ran off after deciding they were 'unworthy' and 'insincere'.

    Without a strong personality control of these mini-COs, I see cesspool of corruption and power on the horizon.

    I think one of the goals however is to invigorate local nobodies to reach out for tangible somebody positions while decentralizing some to reduce liability of the WTS, but increase liability of local congregations.......again men tend to become 'puffed up with pride'.....perhaps that is the ultimate intent though....a long slow winding down of the religion by loss of numbers blamed on the R&F leaders and then folding into obscurity... money safely invested and hidden in foreign accounts.

  • quietlyleaving

    thanks for verifying the info.

    I'm so glad my hubby gave up his PO position. Its going to be unbearably bad for the PO who has replaced him to take on extra responsibilites.

  • mrsjones5
    Do they NOT really believe that time is short?

    That crossed my mind too. The bOrg can do long term planning but the rank and file can't, cuz we all know long term planning means a lack of faith in the "truth" but this only applies to the rank and file? Pleezz! OK that made me a bit dizzy

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    This sounds legit. The only thing I'm surprised about is that instead of choosing 1 local PO to be the new CO, they're going to use a committee approach. If you take the average 20 congos in a circuit and split it up among 4 guys, that's only 5 congregations per person (or 5 guys and then 4 per). This almost sounds like there will be a "super-BOE" for the circuit. How about a new title "Circuit Elder"? Think about it. This actually could help them with both the impending shortage of COs as well as help deal with the loss of local elders that they've been facing for some time. Getting men to "reach out" is becoming more and more difficult and they even had a DC part about that subject this year. I think the possibility exists for either 1) the continued consolidation of congregations (especially English for the moment) or 2) the elimination of local BOEs. I recall when I was an elder picking up on the disdain the WTS/COs/DOs had for local BOEs in general. It was barely disguised in various communications. So, if you had a circuit BOE and then allowed meeting parts etc to be handled by MS or some new title (bring back Congregation Servants and have them do much of the work the elders do now but no JCs) you could come away with even more control because you could select the most hard core company men to serve on the circuit body. Every BOE that I've seen has always had its mix of conservative and liberal elders. You can't get rid of the liberal ones because there's too much administrative work to do. But, this way you could still have them do the grunt work, but greatly limit their influence. Also, you eventually wouldn't need as many men.

  • james_woods

    Doubting Bro makes an excellent and often-overlooked point. The local BOE was in many cases detested by the old CO/DO arrangements, as he says.

    I think this may go all the way back to the original days of "elders" and "rotation of elders". Especially hated by the power elite was the idea that each local elder took his turn as PO - it was just way too democratic for all those previous congregation servants who thought they had a lifetime arrangement, and who had sucked up to the CO/DO elite so long to get it.

    What I think we saw back in this era - late 1970s, early 1980s - was almost a ripple effect from the trimming back of the Presidential powers of Freddy, and starting the Governing Body. This act of democracy extended out into the congregations as Body of Elders. Freddy hated it - and a lot of the elite local elders hated it, along with the CO/DO. Remember when it got said around that "the CO is really only just another elder?" - and then there was a flurry of coverup that the CO was "more than just another elder" a while later.

    I knew several respected elders back in the "rotation" days who had the cynical view that it was just a way to shake up all the congregations organizationally, and that the society through the CO/DO arrangement was just going to reappoint the standard servants as before, but with new suits. Indeed that is what actually happened.

    Another aspect of the big rush to the "elders" was that a few years after the big apostacy, a sort of "elder purge" took effect - a number were removed, sometimes on very thin evidence. One popular charge was "in-sincerity" - it was almost a catchword for "not enough field service time" or "we don't like you".

    Again and again we have seen the Society make lip service to a more open, democratic, and liberal organization - and the anti-progressive forces crack down to make the final result even more authoritarian than what existed before the reform. I somehow feel there may be more to this CO/DO reorg than is being leaked out to us at the present time.

  • changeling

    Here's what I read between the lines:

    Lower expenses but higher "Big Brother" effect. And a little paranoia to keep'm all on their toes.


  • WTWizard

    I hope they find no one willing to volunteer. One thing is sure: They can count on me to not step up.

  • insearchoftruth

    Great summary changeling....but what is amazing is the mid to long range focus....the timeline sure does not support that 'we are in the last days of the last days', does it?

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