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  • aniron

    I heard that the CO who visited my old congregation last month, had said that they have been told that next September, they would not be changing Circuits as they normally would after three years.

  • MinisterAmos

    Umm doesn't all this represent long-term planning? Do they NOT really believe that time is short?

  • still_in74


    love the frequent mentions of "persecution". This the buzz word for JWs

    well the FDS cant exactly blame gas prices for all this. The R&F are gonna speculate as to why all this is happening.

    Of course its not that the WTS is a giant corporation trying to fatten its bottom line. Of course its not that the cash cow is skinny due to lawsuits, lack of donations, low american dollar. Of course its not that brothers are not interested in wasting there lives pioneering and becoming CO's and DO's. No!

    It must be persecution!!!!!!!!! the end must be closer now than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • still_in74
    There is a need to prepare additional brothers to serve as “overseers” in case of persecution and isolation.
    • Presiding Overseers will be trained for additional responsibilities at Patterson “Elders School”.
    • After all Presiding Overseer’s have been trained and before this is implemented there will be a Kingdom Ministry school for all Elder’s.
    • Various Presiding Overseers from around each circuit will visit the various congregations in the circuit.
    • The visit of the “Overseer” will begin Thursday evening. Another meeting will be held Saturday evening and the public meeting will be on Sunday.
    • The “Overseer” will share in service Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the congregation.
    • Additionally the “Overseer” will have a meeting with the local elders and pioneers.
    • Congregations will receive three visits per year instead of just two.

    oh boy! can I be a PO??? I would get to travel to other congregations and deal with all their problems too! I would get to have even more work to do in whipping the sheep! even more elders and R&F would call me about all their problems!

    Oh boy sign me up!! ------- okay folks, my PO is old and "fragile" - how long do you think it will be before the PO position starts rolling over every couple of years? and all those poor kids with a PO father.

    "oh hello uncle dad, nice to see you!"

  • core

    I can see the scramble now from elders to be the new "mini" circuit overseer - I dread to think of what unqualified and unthinking rabble they set loose on congregations if this is so - the very ones who I detested because of their attitude will doubtless get these positions. A CO can damage a congregation - a show off "mini CO" and his trophy "mini" CO wife will likely cause havoc as they use the positions to settle scores in the circuit - and they will still be around after the three years when a CO would head off to the Hills - Can't think of any worse solution to the WTs problems - give a bunch of petty tyrants more power and influence - Thank God I am out of it as I could image having to walk out of the elders mtgs taken by the potential "minis" - confidentiality - out of the window as the mini wife tells all. Persecution - not from the world - but from the Organisation , thats what this would be - a thrice yearly punishment session for elders beaten over the head by "letters" from Brooklyn, by probably, young go-getting elders with no life skills save crawling up backsides of the powerful.

  • IMHO

    In my experience - which is expansive and covers many, many congregations - PO's are the ones that cause most of the problems in the first place. So putting them in an even more 'privileged' and 'powerful' position sounds like a recipe for disaster. Conversely I've said for years that the 'rotation' arrangement should be bought back to lessen the 'power-mongers' control.

  • nondescriptex

    So I wonder if it will go like this.... Fast forward 25 years... only "apostates" will dig up unreliable accounts of a time when the Watchtower made money selling expensive real estate in Brooklyn, and had so-called "circuit overseers" instead of local PO's making the rounds. New JWs will say "we have always had our headquarters at Patterson" (like, "we have always been at war with Eastasia").

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    Glad I'm gone.

    It would be interesting if they were actually trying to fix all of the problems. They are just tightening up their act financially.

  • Mary
    Plan for eventually selling all buildings in Brooklyn between 2015 – 2020.

    Really? What's all this talk about training the elders 'for when the persecution' starts? What about all the study articles urging everyone to 'keep on the watch' and that the Great Tribulation is 'imminent'?? If they plan on selling everything off in the next 7 - 13 years, I guess the Governing Body members don't believe 'the End' is 'right around the corner' after all.


  • Mary
    jwfacts said: Very Interesting. My parents are Circuit Overseers. I am not sure if my father knows about this, but just last week my wife mentioned this to my mother and she has not heard anything about it.

    Maybe you should reveal this "new light" to them before they get the official word.

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