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  • frankiespeakin

    Get ready for a big exodus with some angry and betrayed COs leading the charge, no doubt aided by thier very pissed off wives that gave up a lot too.

    Oh the dirt that will get released from this move as old correspondance letters get shown to the public from angry COs who seek to do as much as they can to get even, with thier users who have or are about to kick them to the curb.

    I really think the GB know this and are still forced to do it because of thier overwelming greed for the org to have lots of money and finacial profitablity through these hard times.

  • TopHat

    The JW Lawyers rule the GB....The Lawyers can't wait untill the old gizzers are dead. That is when you will see the end of the WTS

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    I believe that these kinds of changes merely serve the interests of the organizational machinery. Cut costs and shore up the power structure. This has become the basic business model of the Watchtower today. Individual needs of the flock be damned.

    I am always amazed by the Watchtower's tanacity and ingenuity when it comes to solidifying their centralized power structure at the lowest cost possible. This is like the Soviet Union without the socialism.

    What I see the Watchtower doing is focussing all of its attention, resources, and brain-power on controlling human thought and behavior with minimal resources. There is nothing implemented within the organization that is designed to help members with their unique needs, or to cope with the challenges of life. The kinds of youth programs, charity drives, and support groups which are abundant in other churches is completely absent in the JW organization. Such arrangements would not serve the interests of the organizational machinery - which is to distribute literature.

    I believe that the Watchtower leadership has a very cynical attitude which believes that whatever is good for the organizational business model, is good for the members. The prevailing view in Brooklyn is that a bare-bones, one size fits all, rigorous treadmill; enforced by a pyramid-like authority structure is what is best for the spiritual enrichment of the flock.

    I wonder what must be going through the minds of all of these old Circuit Overseers who have so dutifully served their spiritual mother; believing that a life of servitude would result in rich blessings. Not only is Armageddon a no-show, but now their positions of full time service are being discontinued for the cold pragmaticism of the organizational structure.

    I truly believe that we are going to see some former C.O.s begin to come onto the ex-Witness forums in the next few years.

  • metatron

    I agree. Very Well said

    The average Witness has no idea just how cynical these brothers can be.

    I would say, however, that the more decentralized this organization becomes, the more possible some sort of schism or mass breakdown gets. And that seems to be the direction that they're heading in.


  • daniel-p

    Jeremy C, and NewYork: very well said.

  • jefferywhat

    told you didn't I! ;-)

  • Confucious

    Just fantastic points in this thread.

    Just imagine all the politics that will go on between now and 2011.

    CO's that step down or retire - they are like disposed dictators. A king without a country.

    I'd be interested to see what their job will be like for the next few years.

    No one sucking up to them? No more slipping the $$ in envelopes?

  • Confucious


    Now imagine all the new ball sucking that will go on.

    Before, at least you can be somewhat of a maverick hoping that the CO would come into town and recongnize that you don't play politics and fight to appoint you MS or Elder.

    Now the game is all local. You piss off the local powers that be and your screwed.

  • besty

    One possibility would be to make a Kingdom Hall Operating Committee for local admin work and refer all judicial matters to a Circuit level team of ex-PO's and ex-CO' s - Circuit Elders - one for every 3 or 4 congs . This team would report in to the DO, the RBC and Bethel.

    Also all MS's and elders could be lumped under one new title. Each one could be given responsibility based on experience with any matters referred to the Circuit Elder for a decision.

    New and improved simplified structure :-)

  • SnakesInTheTower

    doubting bro:

    Snakes, Great thought on the MTS boys.

    thank you...but they lost one when they let ol Snakes get away... lol...

    although growing up I wanted to be a CO, after going through MTS, I found out the real ins and outs of being a CO and wanted nothing more to do with it.

    too bad it only took me another 5 years to figure it out and get out.

    Snakes ()

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