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  • purplesofa
    I believe that the Watchtower leadership has a very cynical attitude which believes that whatever is good for the organizational business model, is good for the members. The prevailing view in Brooklyn is that a bare-bones, one size fits all, rigorous treadmill; enforced by a pyramid-like authority structure is what is best for the spiritual enrichment of the flock. *******

    there really isn't any spiritual enrichment of the flock, is there?


  • still_in74
    They are losing tons of members, and of those who still believe, many are simply worn out.

    yet their numbers grow every year.....

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I hope the last CO that was there when I was "in" loses the car, the apartment, the "green handshakes," and has to wash windows or clean floors with his childless wife. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Sorry, I just couldn't resist)

    Yes, lets take a moment and remember that these people are as much victims of the WBTS crackpot lifestyle advice as the the rest of us. I can only imagine how painful it must be when the realisation sets in for these women that their sacrifice was in vain.

  • truthseeker


    Bums on seats do not necessarily equal sheap that bleat

  • iloowy

    >extended family... hate him too. Sounds exactly like a CO I know already.


  • iloowy

    Hold on a minute.

    There's this D.O. we had many moons ago by the name of Walden Chin.

    He's still young, maybe early 50's or so.

    He's been assigned as a special pioneer along with his wife... Mary? to the Phoenix area.

    He's receiving as far as I know from his family a nice pension to live on.

    They are said to have a little business on the side, too.

    And the couple regularly take vacations and fly all over.

    So how bad can it be to get let go as a DO?

    Maybe the COs will also get compensation???

    We'll see.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?


    Now imagine all the new ball sucking that will go on.

    Before, at least you can be somewhat of a maverick hoping that the CO would come into town and recongnize that you don't play politics and fight to appoint you MS or Elder.

    Now the game is all local. You piss off the local powers that be and your screwed.

    This is what my friend experienced. The elders cared little of adding another brother to their club. The CO pressured them to appoint my friend. Searching for any reason to remove him, they found a flimsy reason to do so, and did. I imagine with the CO gone, it becomes a locals game and one big ass kissing contest

  • Pahpa

    Now that there are plans for moving from Brooklyn to Patterson, can we identify them as "Patsies?"

  • insearchoftruth

    and I also guess instead of Borg it will be Porg, or Worg if in Walkill!

  • daniel-p

    This move places them in an interesting situation. With the DO/CO setup, there is a strong link to centralized authority, ensuring as much uniformity as possible. Without them, the organization resembles the decentralized nature of other, more mainstream, religions, where the faith is differently expressed from one church to another. This move might fit in with an overall agenda to move the religion toward the mainstream... although I doubt it, and personally think this is JUST about $$$.

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