What If: The UN actually DOES "turn on" and destroy religion?

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  • asilentone

    alwayshere, if UN turn on and destroy religion, it would become a very violent event, so alots of people will be dead.

  • jaguarbass

    I suspect the bible is written in code. It has messages to de deciphered.

    I think the code was derrived from mans attempt to pass on ancient history and the repeating of history that happens over and over on earth.

    I wouldnt be supprised if secular man turns on religion.

    Look at all the damage the republicans and bible thumpers have done to the world and the United States.

    Look at all the wars fought and people killed for religion and belief that their God is better.

    A prophecy of man turning on religion doesn't even require a crystal ball.

    The earth goes through cataclysms. These upheavals destroy the greater number of mankind.

    The cataclyms may be meteor showers they maybe an encounter with a giant planet on a 10,000 year orbit, called Niberu and spoken of in Sumerian text.

    The point is there may be a cycle, if the cycle is about 10,000 years based on the begining of our history, that is how long it takes for man to rise from the ashes, as a phoenix, develop technology to the point we have it today. And through technology a great number of people realizing how religion has duped and missled man, mankind then begins revolting.

    Technology brought down the iron curtain. It could bring down religion.

    I suspect God is the life force, I dont know that he deals with us or mankind, he is the great unknown. And when men talk about the unknown they call it God.

    If you want a biblical insurance policy. Dont take the mark of the beast, which will likely be a computer chip implant.

    If your a monkey see monkey do kind of person who likes to get all the newest gadgets and you get an implant and religion falls and you haven't consumed too much clorinated water or watched too much television or breathed in too many chemtrails and have enough neurons firing in your brain to remember this.

    After the great tribulation begins and the rapture occurs, after all the christians are abducted by aliens, you will still have 7 years to repent and get right with God. But it will be more difficult than going on the first call. And you will probably have to die for your beliefs.

    Oh yeah, you will have to invoke the magic word, Jesus. And mean it.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The UN is impotent at best. It has little power over the nations that give it power. On it's own, it's a paraplegic.

  • Junction-Guy

    I imagine that sometime in the future the countries of the world will start handing over their own sovreignty and power to the UN, it would require this first before the UN could ban religion.

    Right now in this time period, I kind of doubt it. Atheists, while being very vocal in their hatred of religion (christianity especially) are still in the minority, except on this board where they are in the majority.

  • avengers
    But what if, on some off chance, it DID happen?

    Then the WT would be the first in line to be destroyed.

    Sounds good to me.


  • Junction-Guy

    The JW's would probably be the last to be banned by the UN, they would probably have their grubby paws in the plan anyway. Traditional Christianity along with Islam would probably be the first to get the boot.. This is of course only my speculation.

  • Jringe01
    The JW's would probably be the last to be banned by the UN, they would probably have their grubby paws in the plan anyway. Traditional Christianity along with Islam would probably be the first to get the boot.. This is of course only my speculation.

    This would be the French Wars of Religion but on a global scale...I don't seriously see this happening. Muslims and Hindu's would fight tooth and nail to prevent it (there's 1/3 of the world's population right there), fundementalists in the west would only go underground and live to fight another day... In this day and age I really don't think you could get away with it. The only reason places like China and North Korea still have religion under wraps (so to speak) is because they started in a different era.

  • golf2

    The UN is not toothless. It's an organization that is controlled from behind the scenes. So-called friends turn on their friends, the UN will be no different. The name of the game is POWER. Who has it, religion or godless politics?


  • Robdar

    Just for those who think you are either drunk or making it up....

    And what if your bobe had beytsim? She would be your zeyde.

    Beytsim: (bates-seem) testicles. When someone gets too wistful, sentimental and/or regretful imaging how things could be/have been "if only...", a frustrated listener might interject a dose of reality with: "As di bubbe volt gehat beytsim volt zi gevain mayn zaidah." (i.e. "If my grandmother had balls, she'd be my grandfather.") It's the more sarcastic equivalent of the English expression "...and if I had wings, I would fly." (A less "blue" version is "If my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a trolley car.")

    Cameo-d you are my new favorite poster.

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    First, I am not, never have been a witness. The org isn't the only one taking notice of the UN.

    When I first heard this I thought the possibility was very remote. I'm not so sure now. I don't believe it will happen overnight. It will happen very slowly and sneakily.

    Islam is very powerful. They do want world domination. They feel cheated of an inheritance and feel that they, and not Israel, are God's chosen people, contrary to what the bible says. The fact alone that they have so many children in comparison to the rest of the population, they are basically taking over Europe.

    If you still think this can't happen here, I'm sure Europe at one time felt the same way.

    Now Islam is pressuring the UN to pass a resolution called Combating Defamation of Religions.

    For America to survive they need to work together, both Democrats and Republicans, on what's best for the country. Muslims must be lapping it up, the mud-slinging, the anger and hatred from many on both sides, feeling that the country is disintegrating from within.

    re overtake of Europe: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=50020

    In case you don't think worldnet is reliable: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/1544238/Islam-is-taking-over,-says-Dutch-politician.html



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