What If: The UN actually DOES "turn on" and destroy religion?

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  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    I don't think religion can disappear, unless we further evolve as a species, and come to some grand scientific conclusion. Science is working on that, through physics in string theory. I don't know if it will ever reach a plateau however, when it comes understanding how the universe came to be.

    There appears to be dimensions that reach as high as 11 so far, and possible parralell universes.

    I suppose if there is a God, it may be out of our scope, to fully understand the mechanics. The mechanics, is the real mind of God. It is possible, that we ourselves are all part of God. The good and the bad, as a collective. You can't have one without the other. Everything has an opposite.

    As far as dimensions go, so far, in each higher dimension, from our own, there appears to be a pecking order, in the complexities and omnipotence of each. The limitations, to our understanding of God, comes from these barriers. For instance someone living in a two dimensional world, would not see anyone from a higher dimension because they see everything as flat. The higher you get, the greater the omnipotence and ability to see into other worlds.

    Apparently, chaos and weird things happen in the 11th, if you can imagine it. If there was a home for God, this might be it. You would have full access to all worlds. If there was hell, this might be it too.

    No, this is not Harry Potter stuff and I don't understand physics that well, so if parts of it need correction, that's fine. I really would prefer a more simple world, with one God that cares, but it appears far more complicated than that. At least science is doing a far better, and exhaustive search for truth, rather than just saying, " Oh look, here it says, that God is three people in one. Yes the trinity is a mystery!" Understanding a multidimensional universe makes that more beleivable!

    At any rate folks, I'm just throwing ideas around. I know the first thing, someone might correct is, if we are God's then how can God be living in the 11th dimension at the same time. I don't yet have an answer, but very strange things are possible here.

    Anyways, it's fun to speculate, but, in going back to original question. The UN is useless, people will always need religion, but I can only hope, that at the very least, the defintion of cults are made known to governments and outlawed.

  • Rabbit

    I would still like to see all religions -- '20,000 Leagues under the Sea'.

    But, I know that will never happen, so, I'll settle for keeping Government & Religions separate and for religions to never have the social power to harm their members.

    But, what are the chances of that happening -- realistically ? After all, THAT is the only real power they have -- and you cannot 'vote' them out of office. I admit, I don't know what the answer is for the world in general, but, I have been 'fixing up' my little corner by removing 'Sky Daddies' piece-by-piece from my life.

    Now THAT is true freedom, IMHO, of course.

    Islam is very powerful. They do want world domination. They feel cheated of an inheritance and feel that they, and not Israel, are God's chosen people, contrary to what the bible says. The fact alone that they have so many children in comparison to the rest of the population, they are basically taking over Europe.
    If you still think this can't happen here, I'm sure Europe at one time felt the same way.

    Forgive my editing ? :

    Christianity Islam is very powerful. They do want world domination. They feel cheated of an inheritance and feel that they, and not Israel, are God's chosen people, contrary to what (the Koran & any other religious writings) bible says. The fact alone that Catholics they have so many children in comparison to the rest of the population, they are basically taking took over Europe (long ago).
    If you still think this can't happen here, I'm sure Europe (& the Americas & 1/3 of the world) at one time felt the same way.

    This is Religion 101:

    1. *God(s) only speak & work thru charismatic, type 'A' people. No one else can hear those voices in their heads, but, trust them anyway.

    2. Have lots of new baby 'converts' to halt attrition by death & personal thinking. God(s) say so. *

    3. Put the Love Fear of God(s) in them if they ever dare leave the protection racket of their true god(s) *

    4. Ostracize, shun, kill & start wars over any differences real or perceived, after all your god(s) said you could... *

    5. Followers should not worry, just be Happy. *

    6. Thou Shalt Not Worry About the Illogical Stuff. *

    7. New Light is perfectly Good Light if the leaders say so. *

    8. More to come, if we, God, says so...*

    9. ?

    10. ?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    The idea of the UN actually having enough power to dismantle the most emotionally powerful tool, religion, is just insane. It cannot be stamped out. Everyone thought the USSR was Godless, a nation of atheists. Surprise, the Russian Orthodox church was alive and well.

    If by some sort of completely insane world order change, the UN really does turn on religion. Then I'll personally ass kiss any GB member still alive.

  • free2beme

    Ummmm .... well ..... the UN is not really that powerful. Most countries pay it lip service at best and ignore it. So even if they did, people would just look and go "Who cares?"

  • VM44

    France tried to ban relgion once.

    It didn't work.

  • Borgia

    the eighth king is science....That's what brings down religion. All world religions have trespassed on science, they have been on sciences back. During the period of the middle ages it seemed as if science was dead, it had been there, but was virtually non existent.

    Later on, during the Renaissance, science came out of the pit stronger than before, the people on the earth were full of amazement and followed where the sciences lead them. But, the major contributors to science were pious men of the cloth.....Religion was still on sciences back.......

    As of 1859 we see a gradual degradation of the role of religion in science. It's no longer pious men who entertain certain affection for science. Uni's are filled with non religious and even anti religious people. Religion fights back to stay on the back of science, but it will loose.

    Now science is eating the fleshly part of religion. Religion has to give way to science. And now we get to experience instead of a tsunami of atheism....... .....

    Yes, religion is already smoking....



  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    That will never happen as it goes against the freedom the UN is supposed to protect....also people would not stand for it.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    I really think they are just taking a stab in the dark with these prophecies.

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