Study shows more violence in religious societes

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  • FlyingHighNow
    Flying, I've been out of the WT for over 18 years. This isn't a conclusion I came upon lightly. Today, I was reading about some Hindus that refuse to use birth control... bad religion. It's not just Christianity I'm against, I'm against all dogma where people think they can prove the unknown.

    I'm glad that you and I both have been gone about the same amount of time.

    It's my feelings that long ago someone figured out fear is an effective way to control people, even the masses. And then other ones chimed in and put their heads together and reasoned that most people have an inherent need to connect with God, gods, The Great Spirit, ect. And they likely knew that if you can scare/control people with human threats, then how much more so could you scare/control people with fear connected to their god(s). Fear and control just worked better when it was attached to the gods and so leaders decided to pollute worship with fear and control. Fear is still an effective tool to control people>

    I don't think you're ever going to see a day when there is no religion. I agree with you that much evil is committed in connection with religion. I just don't think you can stamp it all out. What hopefully will happen is that people will finally realize that a god who is worth worshipping would never want people to use shame, fear or violence to control people.

  • caliber

    If you keep sincerely asking for what's best, God will give you a very good chance to achieve it - even if you don't believe in God!
    - Bill Blackman


  • beksbks


    the number of people killed by atheists is far outweighed by the number killed in the name of whatever god the religion in authority worships.

    Care to explain this?

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    i dont see what needs to be explained. religion has killed more people in the course of human civilization than atheism.

    religion has been used to dehumanize opponents. so has atheism.

    religion has been used to justify horrible crimes. so has atheism.

    two differences.

    religion has been at it for a lot longer.

    and those crimes commited by atheists were not done in the name of atheism, more like a political expediency.

    i guess any philosophy can be turned to evil ends, its just that religion has the distinction of having that done to it longer and with greater severity than atheism.

  • Gregor

    Try to imagine the following announcement read by that LaFontaine guy who just died...."New This Fall on FOX! The Warthog Faced Buffoon vs Meathead, a penetrating, intellectual discussion of religous faith"

  • beksbks

    Oohhhh Beta, sorry, I totally misread your post.

  • dawg

    Thank you so much Gregor for that well thought out and reasoned response. You can take on the winner, we'll call you the stupid fool that makes stupid comments takes on his own ego...

  • Gregor

    Dawg, you continue to go out of your way to insult me. No problem, I can take it. Just puzzled as to when I stepped on your toes.

  • TopHat

    I am gonna take a wild guess....dawg wants everyone to think has he thinks? GOD help us!

  • dawg

    Let's see Gregor, you make an absolutely stupid statement and then wonder why you get jumped on??? Unbelievable.

    Tophat, thank you so much for your intelligent statement also... you and Gregor must have came from the same playground. I honestly wonder why or how you can look yourselves in the mirror after making such absolutely stupid comments... I really do... LOL!

    Now, for those of us interested in a serious debate, I just googled the religious statistics of some of the communist countries that many of you are citing as murderous regimes. Seems some have claimed that atheist carried out the murder in these countries, but you that claimed that are wrong.

    Russia is 76% Orthodox Christian... Cambodia is 95% Buddhists. If I missed any let me know, as I'll gladly post any that you think are relevant. But I'll bet you a dime to a donut that a religious group holds sway over the populace in each country, so non-religion didn't cause the murders, it was a bad political philosophy that was the problem, but was still carried out by a group that prescribed to a religion.

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