Study shows more violence in religious societes

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  • beksbks

    I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon

  • MissingLink

    A list of scientists who were Christians 200-800 years ago is pointless. In their society they would have been lynched for saying otherwise. But even if they were true believers - we've come a long way since then.

  • BurnTheShips
    A list of scientists who were Christians 800 years ago is pointless.

    Funny, you must not have read the list, because most of those people are a lot more recent.

  • BurnTheShips

    Wow talk about a confused and muddled post.

    Again, you that continue to defend your already dis-proven religion; this is about how societies are affected in general by religion.

    You really just don't get it do you? Several posts on this thread refute your assertions. On the one hand, demographics is the greatest variable affecting violence in society and not religion as you asserted in the OP, and on the other, the accusation that Christians in general are any more "intellectually lazy" than non-Christians.

    but they would have been Christians like the scientists I know today whom don't try and defend their religions and usually keep it to themselves.

    So, defending a religion is "bad"? What is to be done when it is continually attacked in meatheaded threads like yours?

    I'm sorry this study hurts you guys feelings, I know that you think we that aren't religious aren't moral and we hurt your world, but what the studies show is obviously otherwise.

    I doesn't hurt my feelings, and I don't think that irreligion equates to immorality necessarily. You are the one with the sweeping prejudices here.


  • dawg

    Yes Burns, defending religion is bad... Just as the article says "Convinced that only the Bible offers "truth", they lose their intellectual curiosity and their ability to reason".

    You can argue until you're blue in the face, but the Bible has been totally dis-proven as anything other than myth. So, instead of people in the US arguing how best to run this country, we have people who want to bring their religions into the public spectrum. That is very bad indeed, as this study shows, it harms society.

    Do I think your talking snake in the Bible is absurd, two of a kind on a boat, that one man can die and cleanse us of our sins, or honesly just about anything the Bible says is nuts? Sure, that becasue I've actually read it with an open mind...

    Notice what the report says about believers..."The result is a self-contained system that maintains an internal logic, no matter how absurd to outside observers".

    I've read all of you believers the past year and a half on this site who defend the Christian religion; I always leave thinking that you guys have something blocking your mental abilities... I mean, anyone rational knows they can't prove even the existence of God, much less the Bible... But you guys actually think you're convincing.

    Here's a gem for you believers, I know I can't either prove the existence nor non-existence of a deity.. I have no closed system of belief, if someone were to show me proof then I'd happily jump on board.

    But believers think they do know what is unknowable, they ignore the religions of others and actually think their myth is the right one which causes unneeded conflict. Groups upon groups of nitwits, arguing something we as a species can't know is a waste of valuable time. Or worse yet, arguing what the Bible means when it says such and such... a waste!

    If you don't believe this is true, then look at the conflict we're having today... I brought up a fact backed with research, it showed that religious societies fare worse than non... now we are arguing about something that's not knowable... what a waste of time.

    I had a Japanese roommate in college, he absolutely wouldn't discuss God, he said it didn't matter. He excelled in everything he did because he didn't waste his time. You, and exjw4ever actually think what you're saying is rational, but how can it be when you are arguing for something that can't be proven? You have a "self contained system that maintains an internal logic".

    Good thing is, people are starting to get it. I live around a group of young people, not one of them believes in a religion. The fastest growing group in this country is agnostic... your way is fading friend.... and this country will fare better when our numbers reach the same as other educationally advanced countries.

    Maybe then this country will no longer think God is guiding it...will no longer try and stop valuable research such as stem cells... will no longer want to teach the likes of creationism. We are being left behind... and religion is the cause.

  • BurnTheShips

    Look, meathead, no one here on this thread is arguing proof of God or Biblical inerrancy. You always go on the same rants, even if no one is arguing the point you are ranting about. Your brain is stuck in a loop. Could I make it any clearer?


  • dawg

    "Look, meathead, no one here on this thread is arguing proof of God or Biblical inerrancy. You always go on the same rants, even if no one is arguing the point you are ranting about. Your brain is stuck in a loop. Could I make it any clearer?"

    I know you and you ilk think your statements are clear, here once again is mine... religion hurts society.

    Simple question, are you a Christian Burns? were you not defending Christianity here on this thread and others? Of course you were! That means you believe in both God and Christ.. do you deny the Christ? Do you believe in God? Simple question so please answer it.

    Final question Burns, do you not agree that some creed is tied in with Christianity and the belief in the Christian God that you would call religion? Since we both know this is true, and you are arguing for Christianity would you not agree that's how we started talking about Christianity? Were you not arguing for the belief in God?

    In your case, you have a religious creed, you believe in God... therefore you must think you can prove it or else you wouldn't argue for it. If not, then why are you arguing for your beliefs?

    My brain is in no loop, I see what you've written and am responding. If you don't want to talk about it then simply don't bring it up.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Since no one bothered to read in my last thread how secular societies have lower rates of violence and teenage pregnancy than societies where many people profess belief in God. I figured I'd give those among us who are religious the benefit of the doubt that the post was lost in the haze of the argument.

    Well dawg, in my mind there is a big difference between God/Allah/Buddha/Higher Power/whatever and religion.

    From my own experience, and from what I've observed in others, pursuit of God is a personal, almost intimate, experience. Trying to understand the nature of God (beginning with is there anything even out there) seems to be as much a coming to an understanding of self as much as coming to understand God. The benefit here seems to me at least to be the prospect of self-improvement and an understanding of who and what you are as well as a specific, individualized, sense of direction and purpose.

    Religion is more of a group, even community-based exerperience. Religion on the other hand seems to be more about the group bending its will to that of the leader or leaders of that group and then trying to understand the world as that leader says it is. The benefits seem to be a sense of belonging, and a common, even unified, direction and sense of purpose.

    Two very different experiences coming from two very different viewpoints and goals. At least to my poor way of thinking.

    Having said that, I think I'm open minded enough to believe that religion can help individuals. But if society at large bends its will to that of a specific religious mindset, then I think it does hurt that society more than help. It's almost a cliche now to say that religion has been responsible for more wars, murders, atrocities, etc. than any other philosophy, but cliches are often based in fact.

    The danger of the search for God is one could go off the deep end and hurt others. But the same is true with religion. Taken to extremes both can do great harm. The impact, however, is far greater with religion as more people are involved, entire countries and regions have been swallowed up by religous doctrine causing tremendous amounts of damage that have lasted centuries.

    My one experience with religion is enough for me. I have no interest in it again. But if someone does, that's great. A little religion, taken in moderation, can be a healthy thing.

    Just my tuppence.


  • dawg

    Good post Chris... I mostly agree...

    I wouldn't give a rats behind if someone believed anything, just as long as they leave it out of the public spectrum. Which I gather is what you're saying.

    Sad thing is, they never... and I mean never do!

  • dawg

    I want to thank Burns for once again not answering questions...

    I'll give FHN the benefit of the doubt, maybe she just didn't see the questions I asked of her...

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