JFK Assasination

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    Uh oh....I think Mary's opened it up....here we go!

  • RisingEagle
    Mary: In addition, he was going to get the Federal Reserve to start printing U.S. money again, which would have been a huge financial crimp for some of the big banks.

    The Fed has always printed money, sort of. They tell the Treasury Dept. how much to print and in what denominations. If you take a look at the folding money in your wallet it's stamped with 'Federal Reserve note' on the front.

    I believe what you meant is that Kennedy was going to authorize the Treasury dept. to print it's own money bypassing the Fed, which would keep the bigger banks from earning interest on the money 'loaned' to the Treasury dept.


  • knock knock
    knock knock

    I ran across this just yesterday. Pretty odd pic.

  • Mary
    I believe what you meant is that Kennedy was going to authorize the Treasury dept. to print it's own money bypassing the Fed, which would keep the bigger banks from earning interest on the money 'loaned' to the Treasury dept.

    You're right, that's what I meant....sorry, kinda sleepy right now..............

  • jaguarbass

    So Big Tex tell me, Did we go to the moon or not?

    Who blew up the world trade center Bush or Bin Laden?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I was educated by a Kennedy assasination "expert"...Wallace Milam. He taught History, etc at my high school. The single bullet may be plausible... and could kill one and wound another as most folks are tending to believe these days.

    Oswald may have been acting alone from his end... but I still think there may have been others in place that day ---representing other agendas --- who didnt need to do their part after Oswald fired.

    Jack Ruby by all accounts was random enough to do what he did all on his own. That's just my opinion.

    Now that's cool. I would have loved to have been in that history class. And yeah that's the thing, once Oswald was murdered that removed the possibility of confession or explanation for his motive. Just my opinion too, and you know what they opinions are like.

    Don't get me started. The best Vikings' team ever didn't make it to the Super Bowl, because in the 1975 playoff game Dallas got a non-call. Drew Pearson seems to have nudged Vikings' cornerback Nate Wright, who "inexplicably" fell while Pearson was catching the winning touchdown.

    Bring it on Mr. Gopher!

    I've got a copy of the entire game (my hobby is collecting old games) and Dallas outplayed Minnesota the entire game. The Vikings had one drive late in the game. That was it. Their other TD came when they got the ball inside the Cowboys' 10 yard line.

    Non-call? No way. Pearson's not pushing. Both players are going for the ball. And if you want a non-call, how about backing up 2 plays before. Pearson catches a 25 yard pass on the sidelines, giving Dallas a first down. And this security guard walks up to him and kicks him while he's laying on the ground. No call! Wassup with that?

    Besides Minnesota would have been drilled by the Steelers (as usual in Super Bowls).

    Regarding conspiracy theories, this statement summarizes why they are so popular:

    a belief in conspiracy theories helps people to make sense out of a confusing, inhospitable reality, rationalize their present difficulties, and partially assuage their feelings of powerlessness.

    That's a good quote. Although I do think conspiracies do happen (witness the Lincoln assasination for one), it's just hard to maintain the silence. The more people involved the more likely the secret gets out. Sooner or later someone would talk. That's just people.

    And while I'm on the subject, does anyone really believe the grossly incompetent American government could coordinate the murder of the President, and the subsequent cover-up for 40+ years? And look at it this way, it would mean the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Dallas police, the doctors at Parkland, the autopsy doctors and the Mafia all got together coordinated the setup for murder, the murder itself AND covered it up for all this time. Hell, the White House couldn't keep the Watergate burgulary quiet and that only involved 6 people.

    Additionally, the motorcade route wasn't announced until Nov. 19. That would mean the conspirators had 3 days to get this plan together and execute it. They had no way to know the motorcade would pass in front of the Texas School Book Depository (Oswald got his job there weeks earlier).

    Sorry; I'm geeking out on this subject.

    Well I think there was a conspiracy...but Oswald did the deed first since the conspiracists were positioned on the other side of the underpass. j/k.

    I like the one where the limo driver is supposed to be the assasin. One of Jim Garrison's theories was there was an assasin firing at the motorcade from a sewer. Really.

    However I just find it unbelievable that the President of the United States can be shot in public, in front of thousands of people, ON FILM, and decades later it's still considered a unsolved murder! Don't you think it's kinda' weird?

    Yeah in retrospect, but I lay at the feet of our beloved Government. I think if they had been upfront, shown some transparency earlier, not sealed evidence for 50 years and so on, it would have helped.

    Someone did a thread on here a while ago about the subject and the point that's always stuck out in my mind was that the bullet wound in his throat was viewed as an entrance wound by the doctors. Since Oswald was to the back, it would have been impossible for him to make the shot.

    You know I love ya Mary.

    See you're thinking like I used to. But consider this: if the throat wound came from a shot in front of the motorcade, then where did the bullet exit? Full x-rays were done at the autopsy and no bullets were found (although fragments were seen in the head). There was no bullet found in the limo.

    There was a wound in the upper back, and the autopsy showed bruising to the right lung and muscle/nerve damage consistent with a bullet passing through from the back to the front. The autopsy doctors were completely stumped by the wound in the upper back. There was no bullet, and they though the throat wound was caused the doctors doing a tracheotomy. It was only a day later, when they called Parkland that they found out there was a bullet wound to the throat.

    Also the doctor at Parkland who saw the original wound, only observed it for a few seconds before expanding it while doing a tracheotomy. After that happened, it was impossible to tell whether the wound was entrace or exit.

    It was not only possible for Oswald to make the shot, but it's the only explanation for the wounds suffered by Kennedy and Connally.

    Plus 3 shots in about 6 seconds? While not impossible, I think it's highly improbable.

    Realize Oswald was achieved the rating of "Sharpshooter" when he was a Marine. While that doesn't mean he was a world-class sniper, it does mean he was above average (and contrary to what all the books said about him).

    Secondly, he only had to recycle the gun twice. The Warren Commission showed that it was possible to recycle (pull the hammer back, aim and fire) in just a shade over 2 seconds. That was using the rifle's scope. If he used the iron sights, it was 1.6 seconds.

    Third, the Commssion had quite a few men use the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle used by Oswald in similar conditions, and several not only matched the time and accuracy but a few beat Oswald. It is possible. That's one thing I'm pissed at all those conspiracy books because they said over and over it wasn't and that the Warren Commission was unable to duplicate it. Lying liars and they lies they told.

    Several years ago, I went to the local library and read a great portion of the Warren Report. I found it akin to reading Insight on the Scriptures: long, boring as hell, extremely slanted and intolerant of any other possible conclusion other than the one they've arrived at. Plenty of eye witnesses said Oswald and Jack Ruby knew each other, yet I distinctly remember reading in the Warren Report that they 'could find no witnesses' that the two ever knew each other.

    Good for you! Yeah I'm afraid that's what I'm going to find if I can find a copy.

    By the same token, other people say they didn't know each other. Who ya going to believe? And even if, by some chance, they did know each other? So what? We've still got 3 shots fired. No gunman on the grassy knoll. Witnesses who saw Oswald bring a rifled to work (wrapped in brown paper), witnesses on the 5th floor, heard 3 shots fired directly above them (how creepy would that have been?) and witnesses who say they saw someone holding a rifle in the 6th floor window.

    Another question I've always had is: Why would Oswald, a supposed Communist Sympathizer, want to kill a president who was, by some extremists, also viewed as a Communist sympathizer? Kennedy pissed alot of powerful people off when he refused to give aid to the CIA's Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and also when he refused to start bombing Cuba during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Why the hell would Oswald want to see Kennedy dead, because then you're left with Lyndon Johnson who most certainly was not a Communist sympathizer and god only knows what he would do.

    That's the problem with the murder of Oswald. We're never really going to know for sure what his motives were. We do know he was angry at the government for the Bay of Pigs.

    Mainly I agree with the idea that was the epitome of loser. A little guy who was angry at the world, blamed everyone but himself for his problems and wanted to stand out of the crowd. I think he thought by killing Kennedy he would change history and be famous. Turns out he was right.

    Besides I think the loser/nut idea has more merit than the conspiracy theorists' ideas of getting rid of Kennedy.

    There were other powerful factions that John Kennedy pissed off in the early 1960s. US Steel was preparing to increase the price of steel (I think it was in 1961) and Kennedy told them not to if they wanted to still get the government contracts. He said they were making an excellent profit already and the increase in price was not necessary. US Steel agreed and did not increase the price. The government contracts were awarded and they went and increased the price. Kennedy got pissed off, yanked the contracts and gave them to a smaller steel company that had not increased their prices. Something tells me that that probably didn't sit too well with the top executives at US Steel.

    He was also looking at closing the tax loop-holes that the mega-rich oil companies were 'extremely fond of'. In addition, he was going to get the Federal Reserve to start printing U.S. money again, which would have been a huge financial crimp for some of the big banks. And we all know that he had every intension of pulling the troops out of Vietnam which would have really pissed off the military and those who were leaning towards making astronomical profits from the war.

    When you add all these things up, I believe that a small group of very wealthy, very powerful men amongst all these factions got together and said 'he's got to go' and the rest is history.

    You're probably right. I'm sure they were pissed off at Kennedy. I have no doubt that quite a few Cubans were pissed off at him as well. Remember they were nervous about coming to Texas for that visit because they knew it was hostile territory. They knew there were parts of the country that truly hated Kennedy.

    But where's the proof? It's like Oliver Stone's movie "JFK". It made for a great story, only problem was there's no proof. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that places Oswald at the scene, with a gun. He can be traced beyond all doubt going to his boarding room, getting his pistol, shooting Officer Tippit and then being arrested at the Texas Theater. His actions after leaving the School Book Depository are not the actions of an innocent man.

    And besides, if he were the trigger man in an assasination by the CIA or Mafia or whomever, don't you think there would have been a car nearby to pick him up and whisk him away without being captured? How stupid are these oilmen? They hire Oswald to kill the President and then let him be picked up within the hour?

    And even if there were a car waiting for him, it wouldn't have been to get him away, it would have been there to take him to his death. Why wait for Ruby to do it on national television. Do it nice and quiet where nobody knows or sees.

    And why wasn't Oswald paid? He had no money, he gave his wife $170 the day before and when he was arrested he had $13.80 on him. No bank accounts nothing. The Warren Commission had the IRS investigate his bank records, the FBI checked worldwide for any record of monetary payments. Nothing. He did it for free?

    And again, if there were businessmen/oil men who wanted him dead, you would have to say the FBI, Secret Service and CIA are in on the coverup. You'd have to also say the doctors at Parkland are part of the coverup. The Warren Commission, and all the investigators are in on the coverup. How many hundreds (thousands?) of people are we talking about? And no one has said anything for 40+ years? There's too many moving parts by too many disparate people spread over decades to be believable.

    And if our government can pull off this coup so brilliantly, why do they do everything else so badly?

    I think Occam's Razor applies: "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best."

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    So Big Tex tell me, Did we go to the moon or not?

    Yep. I saw it on television, therefor it must have happened.

    Who blew up the world trade center Bush or Bin Laden?

    No one blew it up. A handful of terrorists hijacked two fully fueled jets and flew them into both towers. The burning jet fuel weakened the structure of the buildings causing them to collapse.

    I feel like the Scarecrow at the end of the Wizard of Oz.

  • Sunnygal41

    don't feel too bad, chris, i think it's just human nature to question when something horrifying like Kennedy's assassination happens. I, too, have always been a big Kennedy buff.....actually Jackie was my interest. I actually remember seeing the funeral on TV..........I remember the riderless horse with the boots turned backwards in the stirrups.....I think the horse's name was Black Jack. He was used for all presidential funerals. I remember the caisson with the flag draped coffin, and I remember John John at the grave site. I think I was only six or seven.

  • Gopher

    Big Tex -- so you have a tape of that whole Cowboys-Vikings game? Cool.

    The Vikings' forte back in the 70's was their opportunistic defense, and it regularly set up the Viking offense in good position. That's the way the Vikings won in those days, even though the other team's offense would often outgain their offense in total yardage. Points are what mattered. I remember a couple of playoff games where the Rams outplayed the Vikings but lost because the Vikings made the big defensive plays. So what you're seeing on tape was their regular m.o., and it won them a fair number of games.

    Of course, I expected you'd defend Drew Pearson. You're a loyal Cowboys fan! Anyhow, you can't say the Cowboys didn't get a "fair call", because on that play they got that at the very least.

  • wednesday

    I have always liked Meat Loaf, the rocker from Dallas. His father used to work on the Dallas PD. He has always had interest in the Kennedy assassination. He wrote a book and one chapter is devoted to it. He says that as a High School kid at the time Kennedy was shot he was actually at Parkland ER when Kennedy was brought in. I have his book, can't recall the name right now, something like "to hell and back" He's only written one so not hard to find.

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