JFK Assasination

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    that the Dallas Cowboys have never had a fair call in a post-season game since it happened - because Kennedy was killed in Dallas.

    Well now THAT is true of course.

    St. Satan, I read "Helter Skelter" and "Outrage", so I was really interested in this one. I respect Bugliosi so I pay attention. It's a subject I've been interested in all my life so I really wanted to "solve" it. You know?

    I remember my mother telling me that I would have to wait till the New System(tm) to find out what really happened when Jehovah reveals all truths being hidden in this Evil Wicked System of Things.

  • Blasty

    Tex, i'm not one to accept any conspiracy theory, for the same reason I left JW. Because the first thing I say is, who is this guy, where did he get this info, and just hold that thought while I go check this out.

    I swear that conspiracy theories are like religion, people will hold onto them tooth and nail, despite convincing arguments.

    But hey, the goverment aloud the media to dupe us into believing there was no stockpile of materials for WMD's in Iraq. They let their name get smeared all over the airwaves, and now look at it. 550 metric tons of uranimum shipped from Iraq to Canada, the U.S. kept it under wraps for fear the terrorists would center on trying to grab it up. Of course the media isn't being too loud on this, but a quick google search shows the report in several places last week.

    So I don't take to conspiracy theories, but we all know the goverment can be shady when they want to be hehe.

  • mkr32208

    Well you have clearly been indoctrinated by the shadow people and are no longer to be trusted!

    Conspiracy theories are pretty much crap!

  • SixofNine

    "the goverment aloud the media to dupe us into believing there was no stockpile of materials for WMD's in Iraq."

    That's not a media dupe, nor a government conspiracy. Experts, and interested observers were aware of this material. That it wasn't advertised on Craigslist is certainly not surprising, and doesn't change the fact that it is not, was not, could not be, a threat to security in the region. The media story, and it is true, is that Iraq had no WMDs that threatened the US, and what little chemical weapons they may have had were degraded and not much of a threat to anyone by that time.

  • hillbilly

    I was educated by a Kennedy assasination "expert"...Wallace Milam. He taught History, etc at my high school. The single bullet may be plausible... and could kill one and wound another as most folks are tending to believe these days.

    Oswald may have been acting alone from his end... but I still think there may have been others in place that day ---representing other agendas --- who didnt need to do their part after Oswald fired.

    Jack Ruby by all accounts was random enough to do what he did all on his own. That's just my opinion.


  • Gopher
    that the Dallas Cowboys have never had a fair call in a post-season game since it happened - because Kennedy was killed in Dallas.

    Don't get me started. The best Vikings' team ever didn't make it to the Super Bowl, because in the 1975 playoff game Dallas got a non-call. Drew Pearson seems to have nudged Vikings' cornerback Nate Wright, who "inexplicably" fell while Pearson was catching the winning touchdown.


    You can't argue this wasn't a "fair" call in favor of Dallas. I had my personal football Armageddon in 1975 when this play happened!

  • Gopher

    Regarding conspiracy theories, this statement summarizes why they are so popular:

    a belief in conspiracy theories helps people to make sense out of a confusing, inhospitable reality, rationalize their present difficulties, and partially assuage their feelings of powerlessness.

    Source article: Conspiracy Theories and Clandestine Politics

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    Well I think there was a conspiracy...but Oswald did the deed first since the conspiracists were positioned on the other side of the underpass. j/k.

    I too read some of the conspiracy books ages ago and thought that was it and someday it would all come out. But I did see the show revealing the alignment of the seats in the car as well as a few other things that made me stop and realize that there was no reason that Oswald couldn't have pulled it off. So that's where I stand on that one.

    That moon thing. I didn't know until fairly recently that many think that it was all a hoax. Amazes me.

    UFO's and picture orbs etc. Ughh.

  • gymbob


    I agree with Hillbilly....

    However I just find it unbelievable that the President of the United States can be shot in public, in front of thousands of people, ON FILM, and decades later it's still considered a unsolved murder! Don't you think it's kinda' weird?

  • Mary

    While I don't believe in a conspiracy on 9-11, or that Princess Diana was murdered or that Elvis is working at Burger King or that Hitler is living in Argentina, I do still believe that John Kennedy was killed as a result of a conspiracy.

    Someone did a thread on here a while ago about the subject and the point that's always stuck out in my mind was that the bullet wound in his throat was viewed as an entrance wound by the doctors. Since Oswald was to the back, it would have been impossible for him to make the shot. Plus 3 shots in about 6 seconds? While not impossible, I think it's highly improbable.

    Several years ago, I went to the local library and read a great portion of the Warren Report. I found it akin to reading Insight on the Scriptures: long, boring as hell, extremely slanted and intolerant of any other possible conclusion other than the one they've arrived at. Plenty of eye witnesses said Oswald and Jack Ruby knew each other, yet I distinctly remember reading in the Warren Report that they 'could find no witnesses' that the two ever knew each other.

    Another question I've always had is: Why would Oswald, a supposed Communist Sympathizer, want to kill a president who was, by some extremists, also viewed as a Communist sympathizer? Kennedy pissed alot of powerful people off when he refused to give aid to the CIA's Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and also when he refused to start bombing Cuba during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Why the hell would Oswald want to see Kennedy dead, because then you're left with Lyndon Johnson who most certainly was not a Communist sympathizer and god only knows what he would do.

    There were other powerful factions that John Kennedy pissed off in the early 1960s. US Steel was preparing to increase the price of steel (I think it was in 1961) and Kennedy told them not to if they wanted to still get the government contracts. He said they were making an excellent profit already and the increase in price was not necessary. US Steel agreed and did not increase the price. The government contracts were awarded and they went and increased the price. Kennedy got pissed off, yanked the contracts and gave them to a smaller steel company that had not increased their prices. Something tells me that that probably didn't sit too well with the top executives at US Steel.

    He was also looking at closing the tax loop-holes that the mega-rich oil companies were 'extremely fond of'. In addition, he was going to get the Federal Reserve to start printing U.S. money again, which would have been a huge financial crimp for some of the big banks. And we all know that he had every intension of pulling the troops out of Vietnam which would have really pissed off the military and those who were leaning towards making astronomical profits from the war.

    When you add all these things up, I believe that a small group of very wealthy, very powerful men amongst all these factions got together and said 'he's got to go' and the rest is history.

    That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it.

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