So, someone clue me in.

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  • Blasty

    Alright, so I'm reading on this site, and I'm not 100% sure what it's about. It appears to be a bunch of former JW people bashing everything they can get their hands on in relation to JW's.

    I was brought up as a JW, but when I got older and started to think for myself, I began to realize that I didn't agree with their teachings. I wouldn't say I 100% disagree, but I disagree enough that I refuse to attend any kingdom Halls. However, at the same time I find that most other churches seem wrong as well. In fact, I find a huge problem with organized religion in general. I came to these conclusions on my own, nobody assited me in leaving the JW, I guess I wasn't so far gone that I forgot how to form my own opinion.

    On the bright side, I think I'm closer to God these days then I ever was growing up. So am I on the wrong site, is this the former JW now Atheist site?

  • sacolton

    Welcome, Blasty!

    First of all, this forum is a mixed bag of ex-JWs. I'm like you - I found that the WTBTS was not the "true" religion. They never had it and never will. I disassociated and gave my worship directly to God. I do not belong to any organized religion and feel there is no "truth" from any of them.

    It's easy to get the impression that this website is for ex-JWs turned Atheist, but it's not. People are free here to speak their minds and share individual thoughts. Something that the WTBTS would never allow.

    Hope you'll stick around!

  • mrsjones5

    Hello Blasty, this is the "it is what you want it to be" xjw site, which includes all faiths and those who don't want or need a faith.

    Welcome to the board

  • LockedChaos

    Hey Blasty


    Real mixed bag here

    There is some very good info here
    Must sift through

    Important thing


  • joannadandy

    There are all sorts on this site. Some who do bash everything to do with JW's - some who just don't care what they do, but want some kind of closure and bonding with others who left as well, and everything in between.

    You'll find some who became athiest, buddhist, catholic, born-again, and again - everything in between.

    I think you'll probably even find some of a very similar background to your own. Welcome to the board.

  • Mulan

    You are so welcome here!

    Most of us are like you, still believers, just not in JW's.

    Some have gone on to Christian churches, Catholic, etc., some have become Buddhists and some are atheists.

    A mixed bag as LockedChaos said.

  • Blasty

    very cool, thank you very much for the summaries.

    Yeah, THINK.... very important I agree.

    I'm happy to hear there is a mix. The years since I've been a JW I've met so many people that are so devout to God. Maybe they are baptist, or catholic, or whatever. The main thing I came to realize, which contradicts what the JW teach, is that I think all these people are exactly what God wants. I really think he just wants people that believe in Him. Hence the atheist question, since I do have trouble with them, although I try to play nice and avoid starting crap haha.

    I have a lot of family that is still JW, and quite a few friends, and for the most part we are all on neutral grounds. However I had one friend recently really tear into me, waving their "truth" and "of the world" crap. And it kinda made me look around the internet, and here I am.

  • Hortensia

    Hi, as others have said, it's a mixed bag. Certainly the ones who hate the WTBTS are probably the most vehement, but there are lots of us of varying degrees of ex-JWness, and even some who were never JWs and some who still are but aren't afraid of this forum.

  • Blasty

    these forums are a bit difficult to navigate for me. Although I may just be going brain dead. For instance, when I click on the Friends forum. It says newest, but the posts aren't in the correct order. And I don't see this thread. I've only been able to access this thread by going through my profile. Hmmmm

  • sacolton

    Best solution is to click on the ACTIVE TOPICS at the top for updates to fresh discussions.

    Good luck!

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