George Bush working on Autobiography

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  • FlyingHighNow

    I respect you Jeff K greatly, but I don't consider our president a symbol of our country. I thought the flag was the symbol. At least the flag can't hurt or kill anyone or set things up so that gas prices and inflation rise so sharply that the middle class becomes in severe jeaopardy. The flag didn't make the office a buffoonery.

    Make fun of GW, I don't think it hurts his feelings at all. The man's brain and heart have like a 6 inch thick callous all the way around them.

  • Priest73

    oh jgnat, we have queens.

  • joebin
    Bush will declare the election invalid the week before the election arrest Obama dissolve congress and arrest the Supreme Court and declare Marshal Law and install himself President for LIFE.

    You forgot to mention that he needs to stage another terrorist attack before he can declare martial law.

  • abbagail

    "He doesn't have time to color and cut out pop-ups as fun as that may sound."

    Should be lots of time in the forest these next two weeks at the Boho Club, and a lot of pop-ups going on there too... :-/ per some articles I read...


    And I agree w/everthing everybody said, both sides, and re: suberting the election, dictator bush, etc.

  • hillary_step
    George Bush working on Autobiography

    Is there not a law against making money from your crimes?


  • DanTheMan

    Subtitle: I fooled you twice.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    I just picked up his board game that he just recently released, I think its a winner

    I hope his book will be just as good !

  • Simon
    You have to remember, Simon. Americans have no Queen. In Canada and the UK, reverence is segregated from politics.

    I find it hard to imagine a political process where the politicians are so far removed from every day life. It is bad enough in the UK but you can go see your MP if you want, heck ... there are plenty of opportunities to shout at them and throw eggs at them if you want - many do (although Nu Labour have misapplied anti-terrorism legislation when they hear a dissenting voice like the stazi).

    Can you get to see your representative in the US? Assuming you are not also a multi-millionaire / billionaire that is ...

    The state of government in America is the result of weak political processes with safeguards removed and a largely politically naive electorate.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh I can't wait for this. Once it's released it's going to be torn apart by historians.

    Isn't there a GW movie that is coming out soon?

  • hillbilly

    Can you get to see your representative in the US? Assuming you are not also a multi-millionaire / billionaire that is ...

    In the states seeing the President in his office wouldnt get much done for a guy like me. We need a President to hold the car door for your Queen and crap like that.

    I can walk in and talk to my U S Congressman on pretty short notice. I have talked to my Congressmens' staff and had pretty swift resolution to a couple of problems.

    Senators are a bit higher up the ladder.. many deal with associations and their lobbiests. Good thing too... I belong to a couple of associations that represent certain things I need to get done.. a good petition works wonders in this country too.

    I am sorry that your MP gets pelted with eggs and shouted at so much. I guess those manners folks learn at soccer games work well in other venues.


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