New Aussie craze KRISPY KREME doughnuts --What is in them? WHY?

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  • hillary_step


    New Aussie craze KRISPY KREME doughnuts --What is in them? WHY?

    Unhealthy crap is in them. You would be better off eating sauteed aardvark dung.

    As to the craze. Well, it is no secret that most people are boring sheep without a mind of their own. That is the answer to this question and sooooo many others.


  • Sparkplug

    What does an aardvark eat? What does it taste like? Does the dung really need sauteed? I know you did not address me with this statement, "You would be better off eating sauteed aardvark dung." But seriously, I am sitting here laughing myself silly, wondering if you have ever tried it. Truly a scavenger creature might have some high protein dung! You may be on to something Hillary!

  • chickpea

    someone got it right
    sugared lard.....
    covering at least 2 of the basic 4 food groups
    fat, sugar, salt and caffeine

    they were a novelty for the family for about 6 weeks...
    the hub had to travel to twin cities every week and
    always brought back a big @ss box of KK doughnuts......

    first week was a scarf-fest as they were gobbled down
    and everyone was counting to make sure they got their share

    after 6 one could stand the sight of them
    we havent bought one since ( and it has been 3 yrs or better)

    googled "krispy kreme nutritional analysis"

  • watson

    I absolutely love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!! Can eat six at a setting. Even if they are a day or two old, just pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds and they are fantastic. But hell, I like goose liver pate, sushi and KFC!!

  • John Doe
  • watson

    Oh man...look at those custard filled babies!!!

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I love donuts of any brand. I have one for breakfast every morning. Don't like cake donuts. If I wanted cake, I would eat a cake. I like the yeast, raised ones.

    When I was very little, a good memory was going to Daylight Donuts, with my dad, and getting a coconut topped donut. When I am in the city, and pass a KK, I always stop.

    When you walk in, they give you a free donut, still warm. You can watch them being made, and get a free donut maker paper hat! What could be better than that?? LOL

    Seriously, they are good.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    If you get away from the plain glazed, be sure to get the custard filled, not the icing filled. The icing filled are a bit much. Kinda like wedding cake icing inserted in a donut. YUK Custard filled ones are great.

  • noni1974

    I've never had one. I don't like donuts. They taste yeasty to me and smell really gross.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    A fresh yeast roll with dripping butter is pretty much orgasmic.

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