A witness dinner- Puts on Samuel Herds {Gov.body} talk I nearly choked!

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  • whitman

    Oh no.... they are going to find college professors (read 'university lecturers' in Australian lingo) - I'm in trouble then...I was not advised that this was going to happen. Darn it, I'm always the last to know. I'll start baracading myself in after I've collected a stock pile of supplies and weaponry. Someone please tell me when it's safe to come out.

  • shamus100

    That's pretty drastic, but I think you should do it just to be on the safe side.

    When should you come out? Wait until all the nuns are raped. It may be a while.....

  • Thechickennest

    Where in the hell did this lunitic get his source material!

  • lilyflor


    "looking for the religious clergy and professors" - at about 8:20

    could be the same talk, or he just likes to use that wonderful example

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Thanks Liliyflor

    PLEASE CHECKOUT 2;40 minutes Babylon is begining to fall "Raping nuns and slashing priests in New York" {Nut case!}

    AND 8;15 minutes "Clubbing Priests and College Proffesors who are left."

    DAMN IT THIS YOUTUBE RECORDING STOPS JUST BEFORE HE SAYS: "Brothers will be glad they gave their money to the Kingdom hall instead of losing it on the stockmarket." Good financial advice from the governing body!!!

  • shamus100

    What an efing twit.

  • nameless_one

    Thanks for posting that, lilyflor, though I feel like I need a shower after listening to it.

    At around 3:45, the mocking, fake-weeping sounds he makes when gloating over the "horrors to come" -- this person is cruel and insane!

    The entire talk is lunacy, horrible and crazy, but even worse is to think of crowds of glassy-eyed people smiling and nodding as they listen.


  • whitman

    I'm laughing...I'm crying...I'm doomed. So God is going to cause 'crazed madness' ...I don't know about you but crazed madness sounds kinda fun....I think I want the crazed madness too....but does that mean I have to hunt myself down? That's going to be tricky. I'll start stock piling immediately while I figure out which side I'm going to take. Thankfully I made a paper fortune teller last week so I'll use that to determine what to do.

    Is there accompanying video available? I'd love to see his performance when he is doing the fake crying....awesome!!!

  • steve2

    Forget the "clubbing to death clergy and College Professors"! The big issue here is your mother made you go to the Kingdom Hall. You're more of a victim than the clergy and professors will ever be. Get a life, man. Tell that bullying mother of yours to back right off. Better still, act in a grown-up and asssertive manner that doesn't invite maternal bullying in the first place.

  • Mysterious

    Lol how did you sit through that crap!?!

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