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  • JK666


    The Organization changing key passages in the bound volumes was shocking to me, but not near as shocking as them becoming an NGO associated with the UN.

    No, they cannot have the truth, if they are not truthful.

    Welcome to JWD!


  • stillajwexelder

    Is it any way possible that JW's may still somehow have the truth?

    about no hellfire - yes

    about no Trinity - yes

    about love being the identifying mark - yes

    about chronology and end times - no

    about 1914 - definitely not

    about religion being a snare and a racket - yes

  • stillajwexelder

    welcome to the board by the way

  • changeling


    What you are feeling is normal. It will get better, I promise.

    changeling :)

  • jwfacts

    Welcome, it is great you have had the strength to join.

    There is no way that JWs have the truth. What made me finally accept that is to recognise that everyone thinks that their religion is the truth and their God is the true one. Why are people so convinced they are right and everyone else wrong; it is not because it is truth but because of what they have spent years being indoctrinated to believe. Two articles that may help understand this is &

  • flipper

    BONAFIDE- Welcome to the board ! My wife Mrs. Flipper and I welcome you friend ! You will find lots of support here by caring people who have been through similar trials you have been through. And also been through things you couldn't dream people could go through ! But all in all we here are a stealthy bunch of survivors who care for you. Hang in there friend. We will be here if you need to vent ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Pandoras cat
    Pandoras cat

    Hi and welcome!!

    I was a long-time luker and have finally started posting myself. My heart was beating really fast when I hit the "submit post" for the first time as well. I have a question for you--do you live at home? Are you married? Sharing some of your concerns with a loved one might reveal that they may think the same way you do.

    As regards it being the "truth". My husband and I realized that truth does not change. It will always stand the test of time. We were created with a brain that should be used. A religion that encourages estrangement from relatives that don't have the same belief system is not natural---it's barbaric.

    Wishing you all the best!!!


  • treadnh2o

    l Welcome aboard- I think everyone will agree that if you felt somewhat liberated after your first post it will only continue. Every step you take from here forward will feel more liberating. The bigger the step, the better the feeling. I was in a very similar situation as you up until a few years ago and then started a very slow fade until I realized the faster I left the happier I was. Almost everyone I know is still in ( my wife and kids are at the meeting right now). If you are appointed in any position ,stepping down was not an easy decision but I have never regretted it for a second. All the best on your journey. By the way, if you can swing it,get a mac, PRIVATE BROWSING is very convenient.

  • happy2bfree

    Welcome BonaFide,

    Your disappointment and pain is familiar to my wife and me.We were involved with the WBTS for 6 decades; I served in various positions of responsibility. As the years went by we became more and more convinced that they have never been appointed by God as the "slave"; they just wanted to advocate their own propaganda, and became slaves of their own concept.

    It is very disappointing that after spending extended periods oftime in that system, one discovers that it is badly flawed, spiritually dysfunctional.

    The deceptive dates for Armageddon 1914, 1918, 1925 and 1975,did they originate with God? The endless record of flip flops;where did all these come from? From the men who are prisoners of their own theology; the GB, and not from God. ...

    It’s encouraging to note that you have not lost your faith in Godand Christ Jesus. My wife and I have not lost our spirituality or our belief in God and the Bible. To lose ones faith IMHO is like mislaying the compass, losing direction and spiritual focus. I find much peace of mind and heart by staying with the Scriptures, and hope and pray that I will never again abdicate to any human, or an organization.

    Please read the two books published by Ray Franz, "Crisis of Conscience" and "In Search of Christian Freedom" by former member of the governingbody. Ray is a fine, spiritual Christian and very much Bible oriented.

    You may purchase them from: .

    Best wishes


  • smiddy

    Hi BonaFide

    I just finished reading"Captives of a Concept"by Don Cameron I would highly recomend you read it,as it helps explain a lot of what you are going through.

    welcome aboard

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