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  • leaving-jws

    I remember when I was a kid in "the truth."

    There was an elderly sister that had a heart attack during the meeting. She made loud gasping sounds as she was holding on for dear life. She was sitting in the third row from the front. But the brother conducting the meeting just when on as if nothing was happening. I could tell that he was shaken by what was happening as were others in the meeting. But no one said anything as the sister was gasping for life. I remember feeling very scared.

    Eventually, after it seemed like 3 or 4 minutes, he paused in his talk and asked an attendant to check on the sister. Then he continued on with the meeting. The ambulance came to pick her up and took her to the hospital. She died that night.

    I remember some sisters saying,"At least she died in the kingdom hall while trying to serve Jehovah." As if that gave her a free trip to paradise or heaven or whatever she was supposed to go after death.

    But the thing that still sticks out to me in my mind is how the meeting just kept going on with just a brief pause to remove the distraction.

    It just mind boggling to me that the meeting did not end early or a prayer was not said in her behalf to provide comfort for her.

    Has anyone ever experience anything like this?

  • jwfacts

    An elder was giving a pulic talk in Hobart congregation when I was a kid, and had a heart attack on stage. They carried him off and lay him on the ground to wait for an ambulance. Another elder got up, took the notes and gave the rest of the talk. At the end of the meeting people were commenting on how much better the second elder was able to deliver the talk than the first one.

  • leaving-jws

    JWfacts: That is so horrible! I wonder why they feel that the meeting must go on... I'm sure that if something like that happened at a church, the pastor or minister would not have been replaced. They would just have a prayer in the person's behalf and cut the service short.

    The meetings are so impersonal.

  • Yizuman



  • Gopher

    In the JW's people are just not very important. The organization and doing its will is the most important thing. People die all the time, they can apparently be replaced.

  • BFD

    That is one of the most heartless things I've ever heard, jwfacts.

    When I attended (a million years ago) there was a sister who had eplilepsy and she would regularly have siezures during the meetings. Uncontrolable shaking fits. It was as if nothing was going on. Just hold her in the chair so she won't drop to the floor, stick a pencil in her mouth so she don't swallow her tounge and carry on.

    The memories this place dregs up is unbelievable. You can't make this shit up!


  • donny

    I often wonder if Pink Floyds "Another Brick in the Wall" is written from the viewpoint of a Society representative looking out at his audience of comatose sheep.

  • amicus
    Eventually, after it seemed like 3 or 4 minutes, he paused in his talk and asked an attendant to check on the sister. Then he continued on with the meeting. The ambulance came to pick her up and took her to the hospital. She died that night.


    If I were to allow something like this to happen as a supervisor on a construction site: 1. I would probably be fired. 2. I might never be hired again to supervise anyone. 3. Probably would end up in court trying to explain why I didn't immediately render first aid, or if my certificate had lapsed, find the closest person who could and then get an ambulance in route asap.

    Those Brooklyn Book Club Boys provide training for this sort of emergency don't they?

  • justhuman

    My God jw-facts, thats an awfull thing...they are lunatics. It doesn't matter if an earthquake takes place, a blister, or flood. JW's must stick to their scedule delivered by the FDS....

    I did first aid courses as a qualified diver. I have learned that the first 2-4 minutes are the most crucial for saving someones life. That means that IF in the audiance there was someone with first aid skills could have saved the sisters life. The stupid idiot that was on the plattform seems to be completely ignorant regarding the symptoms of a heart attack, but even if he wasn't since the most of JW's are janitors and uneducated, at least he would have stop immediately because a fellow human was in trouble.

    JW's are so pathetic people, like pawns, and the most amazing thing is NO ONE at the audiance had the balls to stand up and say to that asshole: Will you shut the fuck up, there is someones life in danger here....

    They just seat and waited until the "Holy spirit" guides the FDS to send a letter to the congregation to tell them what to do...

    Once I recall an eathquake(not a stong one) during a meeting. They continue all the way through the end, like nothing happened....they are fucking crazy men

  • funkyderek

    I remember on one occasion an elder who suffered from vertigo and heart problems, apparently felt a spell coming on while he was giving a talk and actually nominated another elder to take over for him before collapsing unconscious on the platform! (He was caught by a couple of quick-thinking attendants before actually hitting the floor, and went on to live another 20 years or so.) The rest of the meeting continued as normal - well, normal's probably not the right word....

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