How Long Did It Take You to Realize It Wasn't "The Truth"?

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  • minimus

    I see some posters still aren't 100% sure that the Jehovah's Witness religion might not be "The Truth"....Was there a moment when things became very clear for you regarding this religion?

    Do you still think, maybe----JWs aren't all THAT bad???

  • TheListener

    Not the truth?? what are you talking about??? say it isn't so, please, just say it isn't so.

    It took me some time to really believe it wasn't the truth. I was scared about being destroyed for a long time. This board and Ray Franz's books really helped me get over the hump of belief.

  • Lady Zombie
    Lady Zombie

    Hard to say. I was a born-in and never was given a choice about being a JW.

    If I had to narrow it down, it was probably when I was a teenager, but that was just for the JW religion. I still believed in the concept of god, satan, demons, creation, etc.

    It wasn't until my 20's that I lost my belief in that too. Thank you college education!!!

  • Velvetann

    I did until I joined this group in January 08, what I learned here showed me that !00% it is NOT the truth. It took me over 50 years to be free of that religion and its quilt and fear. I left the WT 25 years ago as I hated being a JW but I still thought they might have the truth until this year. What a burden off my mind and heart.


  • parakeet

    One minute.

    When the nurse handed me my newborn son, it took one minute for me to throw the WTS bathwater out the window.

    It's one thing to endure being a dub yourself, but it's a whole 'nother thing to torture your children with it.

  • New light for you
    New light for you

    when i even started reading COC. half way thru it.. i kept telling my husband ... we have to move..there's no other way to get out of this... and we HAVE to get out!!!!

    We didn't end up moving, why give them that much control?

    but immediately with that book i knew. I tried one or 2 more meetings, but i was freaked out the whole time, wanted to run for the doors.

    THat was it! i wont say it's not hard as HELL, giving it up isn't easy. but proving it wrong... that's easy!

  • minimus

    I read COC in the late 80s and I assimilated all Franz' proof and documentation but I think that at that time I still needed to rationalize why I eventually would leave. It took until 2002 when I knew I just couldn't take the mind numbing sh*t anymore!

    Now, it's SOOOOOO obvious to me that the JWs are full of delusions, that I can't stand it!

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    Took me 5 years....

    Started having doubts when I went to Gilead and spent time reading the Bible (not recommended reading for sincere JWs)

    Took several years for me to come to grips that it wasn't the truth... but the doubts were powerful and gradual... I stopped believing in 1914, resurrection, paradise, little by little....

    I stopped going to meetings regularly...

    Then I was able to see the org for what it was, and I snapped out of it on my last ASSembly day on March 29, 2008. That was when I started doing research on the internet.

    I was out within a week. No more brainwashing needed! Now I'm a happy apostate!

  • burningbridges

    It just chipped away slowly over the years, once i started thinking it just started falling apart.. then as new publications thigs all kept changing. ALl the time the beliefs kept modifying. How the hell could the "truth" from god CHANGE? I went on a four month pychotic study binge on the whole history of what all the witnesses have always believed and how it has changed over the years. The old revelation book was the best, its totally different now. It all went down the pot from there.

  • undercover

    It wasn't an overnight thing...I had spent a lifetime indoctrinated into the was going to take time to deprogram...whether I knew it or not.

    Even when I had mustered up the courage to do independant research, it took me awhile to fully accept that it was all BS. But that's what happens when you're trying to break free from the control of a cult or high control group. You're programmed to not question or doubt, so that if and when you do, you find fault with yourself, not with the group that you're under control of.

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