Mom says "The end is sooooooooooooooo close now"

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  • Dagney
    I have been faded for a long time now and of course my immediate family are in "intervention mode". The latest C.O. visit in my moms cong stressed the fact that "the end is sooooooooooooooooo close now" - we must do everything for Jehovah and his organization before its too late.

    Boy do I hear you.

    I had a letter from mom this week also. It just made me so sad...the "end" fervor, the excited "expectation" of the great war to be followed by a happy dappy paradise.

    I realize she is sad also, for me.


    . . . Again?


  • logic&reason

    Blondie - nice find on that 84 WT. It really irritates me when people say that the GB has never specified a time... that individuals always get too excited and make predictions, but not the GB.

  • jaguarbass

    Having read the bible and observing world conditions from America, The thought that the end is close goes through my mind often.

    I dont believe Jehovahs Witnesses will be running the show.

    Might be God and Jesus.

    No one gets out of this life alive.

    But some who follow bible principles and direction may prosper.

    If you believe in God, you have faith until you die, When you die, you go someplace better. You do everything you can to keep living.

    I guess its the same for an atheist/evolutionist. No one gets out alive. You do everything you can to keep living. But when this life is over. You dont have to be concious and live again. You just have eternal sleep.

    Which is doable also.

    So pay your money and take your chances.

    I think I'll run a hedge fund.

  • StAnn

    I'd like to take what Emma said and turn it around a little bit. Whenever a JW family member says, "but the end is soooooooooo close!" We should all tell them, "You'd better hope so. Otherwise, you've wasted your whole life, haven't you?" That should take them aback.


  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It
    And even if Armageddon comes someday, it will not come in our day, not in this generation.’

    Awesomest anti-quote EvaaAaAAARRRRrrrrr! The end is not nigh and the WT told me so.

  • distazo

    Luke 21:8

    He said, ‘Watch out so you aren’t misled, for many will come in my name saying I am he, and The time has come; but don’t follow them.

    Hey Friends, I think that _when_ the end really is near, JW's all will be asleep! They don't know anything, they go astray on the sayings of the GB (we'll watch over you!).

    I saw things that made me suspicious, starting with 9/11.
    If 'that' were no new identity of the 'king of the north' I wouldn't know. (Currently, I don't think the north-south Daniel controverse, is not important to us today).

    But what's happening now? Well, this: Everyone is being spied at. Soon our identity will be internationally electronically linked and connected. There are new weapon types, that look like calling fire from heaven causing huge earthquakes, all in name of the anti-terrorism-war. However, these weapons are secret, and not used by any official political nation, but they are used by 'hidden' kings.

    There have been built 800 concentration camps (there are photo's available) in the USA. Oooh, no camps, just paintball centers... Just watch carefully and be prepared. The world is not ruled by the ones we choose.

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