Mom says "The end is sooooooooooooooo close now"

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  • dazednotconfused

    I have been faded for a long time now and of course my immediate family are in "intervention mode". The latest C.O. visit in my moms cong stressed the fact that "the end is sooooooooooooooooo close now" - we must do everything for Jehovah and his organization before its too late. Oh the horror, here I am 42 years old, but alas, I was never going to graduate from high school - yikes - 24 years goes by fast doesn't it!!!!!

  • dinah

    Yep, the end has been soooooooooooooo close since we were kids, huh?

  • Purza

    You weren't going to graduate either? I wasn't even supposed to start school.

    I keep getting all the "scare tactic" news articles emailed to me from my mother becaue the "end is so close."

    I am glad we don't believe that line anymore.


  • zeroday


    w50 1/15 p.26 Who Will Share in the Final Witness?***


    Leave the suicidal course to this old world of unrighteousness. Let it sneer and mock and say to us, as the Jerusalemites said to Jeremiah: ‘God is not interested in the earth. He has forsaken it. He will not do good or evil. And even if Armageddon comes someday, it will not come in our day, not in this generation.’

    Perhaps you would like to refresh their memories of this 1950 Watchtower article...The WT did get it right it did not come in "This Generation"...
  • belbab

    Guess what,

    You are also going to graduate into freedom 55, you are sooooooo close to it.


  • crazyblondeb

    LOL It's not funny, but it's also very sad!!

    Most of all our parents say the same things, I'm sure in the same tones, probably with the same looks!!

    I bet they all have that "ssssooooooooooooooooo" down REAL good......if not, hell, they got more time to practice!!

  • stillajwexelder

    stay alive until 75 - 33 years ago

  • Hope4Others

    I thought I would never be married or ever have kids...I've been married 30 years, my kids have all graduated and they are well

    out on their own..


  • Thechickennest

    Holy crap! Jehovah's Witnesses of all groups should stop saying this! It's crazy! What little bit of credibility they may have ever had is up in smoke....Why don't they make rule #1001...never cry "the end is sooooooooo close."

  • WTWizard


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