My Wife Is Getting A Sheparding Call

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  • sacolton

    Tweetie -

    I'm glad you brought that up. In my employment (I'm a Multimedia Coordinator), I get free movie screenings almost weekly. When I was still a JW, my wife and I would play hookey from the meeting on that night and watch the free movie. My co-worker (Eva) and her husband (my retired boss - they are both in their 60s) are always there to save us a place in line. My wife and Eva are great friends and we have had many social activities together including eatting out and going to local events. She calls her "Grandma" because she's such a sweet lady. Well, when I disassociated, my wife stopped going to the movies on the meeting nights, but she still misses the social friendships with Eva. Also, her co-worker (Jan - who is in her 50s) is a wonderful friend to her. They go out to lunch and go shopping. They drive down to the headquarters office in Dallas, TX together and share lodging. Jan has invited us on several occassions to their cabin at the lake. My parents have us over almost every other weekend for dinner. My wife loves my moms cooking. They get along great!

    Now, tell me ... how can ANYONE be a JW knowing that these people are taught to them as being "evil" and will be destroyed in Armageddon? How is that possible? She loves these people I mentioned above! LOVES THEM! Yet, she can't seem to detach herself of the mind-control that the WTBTS instills that "worldly" people are doomed. How can she be a JW?

    I would love for someone to answer that one.

  • dinah

    You might preemptively explain to them that interfering with your comunication with you wife in any way might be construed as alienation of affection and that you would happily pursue a tort claim along those lines in court.

    You can watch them squirm if you do it in person.

    If they are at your house you can politely offer to let them use your phone to call the Legal Department, reminding them they are required to do so if anyone mentions bringing a lawsuit.

    I did that with my dad.

    Pure Genius!!!!!!

  • TweetieBird

    Give her time. If you can drop little tidbits to her now and then, maybe someday it will click. That's what happened to me. My dad disassociated himself and things that he said to my DH and I clicked in years later, first to my DH and then to me.

    She may never leave the witnesses completely if she has family in, but she may get to a point where she sees the light and you can live normal lives.

  • snowbird

    SAC, I'm glad things went ok.

    You said,

    What a great support group!

    I second that emotion!


  • wings

    Glad you got through that one....amazing advice you received here. Sobering reality for so many. I hope you continue to have a "my marriage survived" story to share with us. No matter what, nice to know you are not alone.


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