Spiritual food = Dub grub....whadayathink???

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  • WTWizard

    It will ruin your brain!

  • BFD

    I love this thread. How about...

    Troof-Goof = Old Light


  • BFD


    Troof-Spoof = Assembly Drama


  • inthepink3355

    I think all of you could get jobs on Madison Ave. Doubting Dubs don't know the fun their missing not posting on JWD. Agree? ......... Pink .... all shades of Pink. It's a beautiful day here in the Sunshine State. Have a blessed day...

  • Alpaca

    I also like Farkel's "Babylon the Grape" and "The Genital Times". "Paradise Erf" is mine :D

    The disappearance of genitals could be such a dramatic event that it would replace B.C. v. A.D. or B.C.E. v. C.E.

    Time could forever thereafter be divided into A.G. (ante genetalia) v. P.G. (post genetalia)

  • abbagail

    Those were hysterical! Great laugh! Great ideas!

    Dub Grub = Spiritual Food. Cracked me up!

    Dub Sub = Hoagie at a D.C. -- before they took 'em all away...

    Somebody said OverDub, lol, for circuit overseer.

    So we need a Dubble-Over-Dub, for district overseer.

    And of course we have the UnderDub ... unbaptized children of JW parents.

    Dublishers... Those studying to be JWs who begin going out in field service, but are not yet baptized.

    Dubitory... The location where the above Dub and friends will drive to preach.

    Snackrifice... When the group stops for "snacks" Snackrifice !)

    DubQ80... The 80 questions you will have to study and answer before you can get...

    DubDunk in the DubTub... Self-explanatory, lol.

    Dub-o-neers... After baptism, above, if the JW works hard, they can attain to being one of these...

    Dub-o-naries... And if they want to work even harder and like to travel, there is always this option...

    DubStud... A shortened version of the Book Stud-y...

    Theocratic Minestrone School... When JWs head to Olive Garden after the Sunday meeting...

    Dub-no-tized... What happens to the JW brain after sitting in too many meetings, hearing too many mindless readings of WT literature filled with trigger-laden-keywords... a/k/a DubDissonance.


    SunDub... The only one at the Kingdom Hall with a tan.

    RainbowDub... The JW whose WT was underlined with the largest variety of colored highlighters...

    Scrub-A-Dub... Whoever got stuck cleaning the bathrooms after the meetings.

    Louse-to-House... An unsupervised JW pedo work...

    Dubicial Mtg.... Disobedient JW summoned to a Judicial Committee

    Dub-o-shipped... The outcome of the above Dubicial/Judicial Mtg. by the eel-ders.

    DubYer... A lawyer

    DubS& L... The WT Bank holding KH-Mortgages and Pedophile-Defense Attorney-Fee Funds a/k/a "Worldwide Work Funds."

    DubConBox ... Where Dubs put their $$ at the KH for the above "needs."

    Rich Dub Poor Dub... JWs who have taken Robert Kawasaki's courses and those who haven't, lol.

    Dub'Vant... Just a peon JW in the WT's "Other Sheep" servant class.*

    Dub'Nant... An elite JW in the WT's "Anointed" remnant class.**

    DubDirt... Those same peon JWs who don't realize the WT elite are robbing them, as ALL Christians are sealed for the heavenly call, so these who don't "get the sense of it" may be (=only God knows) left on terra firma forever.

    HarpazoDubs... Greek/harpazo: Caught-up, Snatched-up... Those JWs who wise up and reach out for the heavenly call who then will be caught-up during the "harpazo" to be w/Christ forever (1st Thess.4:15-18). In the meantime, they should start taking the Dublems (matzoh and grapejuice, seriously) and partake ANYTIME, not just once a year!

    DubDoom... Fear of Armageddon instilled by the WT-elite into the WT-peons in order to keep control

    /ag Correctly: = *Other Sheep = GENTILES. **Remnant = JEWS.

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