Really, Are Jehovah's Witnesses THAT Different From The Other Religions?

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  • BizzyBee

    We must recreate the times when Christ and his first disciples lived and taught the true christian religion.

    But with better food this time! And Internet connection, please.

  • easyreader1970

    You make a good point. In reality, there are a great many religions that have strict rules and regulations and there are some that feel as though they are the only organization or group that "has it right."

    Right now there are message boards out there with just as much traffic in them with ex members of other religions.

    The JWs stand out for one reason above all of the others.

    Human sacrifice.

    They will tell you that it's not called that, but that is exactly what the blood issue encourages.

    The Society frowns upon the pagan practices of ancient civilizations like the Aztecs (among other civilizations) who had rituals where they would sacrifice men, women, or children to pagan gods. "Barbaric" is a word I think they have used to describe the practice. Yet their Jehovah deity expects the same thing under certain circumstances.


  • minimus

    The blood doctrine is simply stupid and a carry over from the strange vaccination policy.

  • Bring_the_Light

    It is a very interesting thing to know today - in the world of so much confusion about which religion out of thousands is right- that using the numbers found in the Bible we can establish the time line showing us which religion God Yahweh approves of.

    Would anyone with a Bound Volume CD-ROM please run a search on how a Witless ought to view NUMEROLOGY, and give OBVES some quotes and citations.

    (sorry to pass the buck, one of the weaknesses of the intuitively brilliant is we aren't very good at reasearch)

    Anybody ever seen the movie "23"?



  • Undecided

    Sometimes the preacher of the church that I attend with my wife sounds like a JW. He was talking about witnessing door to door, uses Jehovah often and some other things I can't remember.

    Ken P.

  • minimus

    ken, which church/denomination is this??

  • Junction-Guy

    I have regularly attended Baptist churches for the past 10 years, I even attended them a little before that. I have been to a Methodist Church once, a Catholic Church once, A Pentecostal Church once. The difference between them and JW's is like daylight and dark. No comparison.

  • lonelysheep
    The more I read on this site, the more I see that ALL religions think their version of what is right and wrong is what matters. Some punish you now for disobedience to the church's rules and others supposedly give you your reward in the hereafter.

    You know my opinion that they are no different... but I must say that what I quoted from you above, is exactly what someone told me when I kept studying w/the wits.

    I desperately wanted that statement to be wrong! That kept me in. I wanted to keep believing they were different and others were wrong, when in the end, they ARE ALL the same.

  • Undecided

    The church is Wesleyan. I just go to please my wife and learn what religions teach. They beleive the trinity doctrine, and getting saved etc. Just sometimes the preacher sounds like an elder.

    Ken P.

  • Junction-Guy

    They are not all the same. No religion goes as far as the JW's do with restrictions on normal life activities, and the few that might possibly do are cults just the same.

    I don't see how anyone can say that all religions are the same. We have a smorgasboard of religions in this world. Some are strict, some are lenient. Some encourage education, a few don't. Some believe in partying and drinking, some forbid alcohol.

    Many are anti-drug, some encourage dope smoking.

    Lumping all religions together as the same is like saying McDonald's is just the same as Red Lobster.

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