"Trying to get former JW's to work together is like herding cats"

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  • sass_my_frass

    I'm with you Noni. I think they should be left alone. Sure there are people in danger there, but there are everywhere.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Sure there are people in danger there, but there are everywhere.

    Interesting thought. I wonder where you draw the line though?

  • momzcrazy

    My problem with the Society is the blood issue, especially with children. But it seems as though courts are on top of that. I also tell as many people as I can about it. The liquor store I shop at has a sweet cashier. Her MIL is a Witness, going to the Hall I just left. They were going to the memorial with her. I used the opportunity to informal witness to her. I didn't have to, she already hates them and was going to keep peace.

    I noticed our neighbors were getting called on as an RV Sunday. The witnesses were in there a long time. I want to say something to them, and will, because they have a 10 yr old son. If they didn't, I would let them make up their own minds. They are the last holdouts on the street still letting the witnesses come over. Everyone else has been witnessed to by me!

    Adults can make up their own minds about religion. It is the kids I worry about. So while I don't really think of myself as anti-JW, I guess I am where kids are concerned. And I speak up that way.

    I also believe in karma. The Society members will end up being treated just how they have treated others.


  • PrimateDave

    I also do a little "anti" witnessing like Momzcrazy. I find most people couldn't give a flip about JW's. Still, it's not like I would join some United Front against the WTS. Despite portrayals to the contrary, there is no Evil Slave class out to get the Witnesses. However, former Witnesses and concerned members of the community can effectively tackle various issues related to JW's that do arise on an as needed basis. What I don't need is someone telling me what to do. ;)


  • freetosee

    Sometimes I wish the wts would be taken down in a big scandal, due to the arrogance of the wt's self portrayal and some jws. On the other hand, if the wts goes down, another cult would pop up and take over many victims.
    What is good about the wts, is that its long history of errors, false prophecy and scandals are well documented. Unique is also the fact that a top leader of the cult -gb member- gave insiders knowledge about the inner workings of the leadership. I don't know of another example like this one.
    So with all the danger and harm done by the wt, there is a way out of the cult and healing...

    My main interest is in the change of policies, especially when it comes to child abuse!!!

    I wish there were no cults in this world, but there will always be. So I think it is best if the wt cult becomes very mainstream and open, in due course of time!

    Haven't read the thread mentioned here, but getting a large group of ex-cult members spread around the whole world to work together as "one", is a difficult task, due to the forced uniformity of their past...

    Difficult, but not impossible!


  • Hortensia

    It's just a case of your priorities are not the same as my priorities. I have other things in my life that are more important than bringing down the WTBTS, which would be immediately replaced by something just as bad.

  • Hope4Others

    There is a group that has figured it out:



    Ak-Jeff We can always count on you for a few more laughs! Cheers! hope4others

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    It is because we are not autmatons! We all have lives and things to do. We are joined by a common enemy, but not joined at the hip.

  • Bring_the_Light
    I also wonder whether other ex-JW's are over sensitive to being controlled by others or working towards a common goal

    yes, duh. I don't trust you mofo's any more than the F'n D Slavekeeper.

  • Junction-Guy

    I would love to see this Cult sued into the ground., but it doesn't seem like there are many chances for that.

    I do whatever I can to expose the Watchtower, but lately I have been slacking.

    It is hard to get XJW's together to fight the Watchtower, because so many are too busy with their personal lives, plus many just go hog wild after leaving the Cult and drink themselves into oblivion.

    Plus you have many different backgrounds of XJW's here, some were lucky enough to be born into wealthy families and didn't have to scrape by in order to survive--getting ahead and getting a decent education to them was immaterial.

    Then you have those from lower middle class backgrounds who didn't have the safety net of a wealthy family, these people needed a good college degree and it was unfortunate that they were discouraged from college.

    Then you have the dirt poor XJW's.

    But religion and politics seems to be the biggest obstacle in getting XJW's organized to fight the Watchtower. You have the atheists vs. Christians libs vs conservatives etc etc etc.

    You have alot of animosity between these groups and it does tend to get in the way of positively making a difference.

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