"Trying to get former JW's to work together is like herding cats"

by Mickey mouse 20 Replies latest jw friends

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    And then? Take down the LDS, Scientologists, Muslims, Hindus .......

    I think the people doing the best work are people like Richard Dawkins - not because I think he's right, but because he is prompting people to think for themselves again.

    I don't know if my 'work' will actually work in the long run, but what I'm doing with my family and friends is just trying to help them think for themselves - not on WT issues - on things like "the secret", which is so popular at the moment.

    I point out how positive thinking can explain all the results people have reported (except for a a few who probably are conveniently failing to provide all the details), and that there is no need to invoke a 'law of attraction'. Then I point out how Oprah's guests who are experts on 'the secret' seem to be confused as to whether it is the universe or god who is fulfilling their desires. .... etc etc (I could go on about 'the secret' for a boringly long time)

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