Just because you can find it in your size....

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  • Sirona


    When I said "we" I was speaking about me and momzcrazy, as we'd both said the same thing and used the exact same word regarding appropriate clothing. So no, I wasn't electing myself as spokesperson.

    Apart from that, I refuse to be drawn in to what appears to be a need of yours for extreme confrontation. Your comments are very insulting, especially this:

    I wonder when you say these things about people if it makes you feel better about yourself? Do you ever wonder about their lives...why they make the choices they do? Or do you just snicker to your friends and feel oh so proud that you are sooo much better than them?

    and I feel that this reveals far more about you than it does about me.


  • Sirona

    Everyone else:

    I've got some weight on me - I'm not a skinny girl by any stretch of the imagination...

    I wouldn't wear certain things which show all my flesh in public because I realise it might look unattractive and not help me look my best

    Thats basically what I'm saying...

    OK leaving this thread now LOL


  • momzcrazy
    When I said "we" I was speaking about me and momzcrazy, as we'd both said the same thing and used the exact same word regarding appropriate clothing. So no, I wasn't electing myself as spokesperson.

    Sirona, you can act as my spokeperson any time!

    It doesn't matter if the person is a size 0, or a size 22. If you are wearing inappropriate clothing, ie not the right size, you will not look your best. We could go the other way to the boys who wear pants 10 sizes too big and have to hold them up with their hands. Or even the right size, yet have the waistband under their bum! Yep, saw that Saturday! He was skinny, wearing pencil straight jeans, with the waistband under his bum! It just looked silly, and I had to fight the urge to act like a mom and go pull them up!

    Maybe it is great self confidence that makes the girls to whom we are referring wear this type of clothing. Maybe they have "outgrown" their clothes and can't afford new ones. Who knows. But come on, this is just a discussion Xena. We all have differing points of view and no one should be attacked for them. That's part of what makes JWD a great place!


  • wednesday

    I try to dress appropriately for my size. When I was a lot smaller I would show skin- I don't do that now b/c I know people laugh at larger women who do that. That is a shame. I know people tend to be very judgmental about larger women- laugh at them and make coarse remarks. Also as you get older you will find out that you have to dress "age appropriately'. We have the fashion police with us always-- women do anyhow.

    Actors John Goodman, John Candy ( Uncle Buck) etc..They are huge. ( well were in Candy"s case,he's deceased. ) Women ( very attractive ones i might add) will marry men who look like that but I can seldom find a comment about their weight. ( unless it is health related) Reverse that and i can't think of anyone. ( well Delta Burke but she was not even close to being huge) I had someone I respected a lot once tell me that men do not "lust" after larger women. They will be friends with them but if you want "lust" you have to be slim.

    There is such a terrible double standard for men and women. Look at our presidential race. Hillary has to not only say the right stuff but she better look pretty good while she is at it. However, for the guys about all that is expected is they put on a suit and shave.

    I think people are ok the way they are, and want them to dress as they please ( as the law allows) . People watching is so interesting. I think it would be boring if we all followed fashion rules .

    I could never understand the wts and Fundy Christians obsession with how a person looks or what they did in bed . Outward appearance does not really reflect your heart.

    People with inflated egos forcing others to follow " their " rules.

    let people "be"

  • Finally-Free
    i want to see some of you guys being this detailed in your criticism of the next guy you see- you know the one with the sweat shirt from wal*mart with a gravy stain on it and sweat pants with his huge hairy belly hanging over. flip flops, has not shaved, crappy hair cut.

    I resent that. I don't shop at Wal-Mart.


  • BizzyBee

    I have standards......they're low, but standards, nonetheless.............

    I will never understand why the PC police think that people who are careless about their appearance should be encouraged.

    Edited to add: I don't want to see fat people's (ot anyone else's) naughty bits in public either. When too much flesh is revealed, it is sometimes hard to know what it is you're seeing.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith
    Wow what an amazing collection of judgemental people. Personally I would perfer being with someone who is ok with how they look then spend any time with some of ya'll no matter how perfect you apparently think you are.


  • journey-on

    Sorry, Xena, I didn't find this thread judgemental at all. Judgemental is saying things like: "If she can't wear

    a good pair of designer jeans instead of those cheap things from Wal-mart, she shouldn't even be seen in public."

    Or, this: "She's too fat and blubbery to be seen in public. She probably has to buy her clothes at National Tent and Awning."

    Expressing repulsion at inappropriate dress in public is not being judgmental and by inappropriate I mean showing too much

    flesh in the wrong places at the wrong time in the wrong situation....fat or skinny.

  • momzcrazy
    fat or skinny.


    My dad's family was screwed up, to say the least. But one thing that amazed me, they all dress, or dressed, as though they had self respect. They showed pride in themselves, fat or thin, in their dress.

    My dad always said," Auday, when you are dressing to leave the house, always leave something to the admirers' imagination. Don't give away all your secrets at once".


  • Finally-Free

    I don't do this often, but sometimes I dress like a total slob deliberately. If I'm planning to make a major purchase I won't shave for a few days and I'll wear old clothes. That way I don't have salespersons harassing me while I'm trying to make a decision. I do try to keep my gut covered though.


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