Just because you can find it in your size....

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  • flipper

    WORLDLY ANDRE- " A flesh avalanche ? " That is funny ! ! Classic

  • restrangled

    Your description was just too funny and I have seen it plenty of times myself. I also hate seeing big bare pregnant bellies sticking out over pants. I guess I am old school....I never walked around like that.

    Also, I have seen plenty of men doing the same thing and its even worse because it's usually butt cracks decorated with hair.

    So guys, if your pants don't cover your crack when you bend over.....please find something in your size or wear a belt and forget the Dago T-shirt thing.....very gross.


  • crazyblondeb

    I'm laughing cause I'm "full-figured".....sometimes I think I have a boobie- avalanche thingy going on!!

    As for butt-cracks....duct tape use #317

    did I do this right? Do ya see the pic?

  • BFD
    i want to see some of you guys being this detailed in your criticism of the next guy you see- you know the one with the sweat shirt from wal*mart with a gravy stain on it and sweat pants with his huge hairy belly hanging over. flip flops, has not shaved, crappy hair cut.

    Hey, I don't shop at Wal-Mart!

    This is a funny thread.


  • journey-on

    My personal "favorite"....men in overalls:

    or for preggers women:

    Cindy Margolis belly bulge

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Oh god, this is a FUNNY thread! Keep it going! That one guy looked like Chuck Odle. He was a very nice JW in the northwest.

  • razorMind

    I remember popping into a fast-food place, just for a bit of a lunch, when in walked an entire group of the filthiest, smelliest, sloppiest, most slovenly group of people (all white) I have ever seen. Turns out they were having a birthday party at this restaurant, much to our dismay.

    The women were attired in too-small shirts that were literally see-through with grease and sweat. Hair was limp and bedraggled. Teeth were missing. All exposed skin--and there was a lot--was grimy and dirty. Some of them were not wearing shoes. The kids (including the birthday guest) had that mask of dirt and snot going diagonally across each of their faces, from repeated wiping.

    We were prepared to grit our teeth and stay long enough to finish our meal--until I caught sight of three particular items. One of them was the saggy pants of one of the young girls, who appeared to be some sort of white-chocolate-thug-life-ride-or-die chick/pseudo punk-rocker. Her baggy jeans looked as if somebody--literally--soaked them in urine and mud for about 2 months, then dragged them behind a pickup truck. The skin showing in the jeans holes was GRAY...GRAY. Not dingy pink, not dirty peach, but GRAY. Nobody was wearing clothing in their size. Everybody was dirty and in too-small clothes except this young girl.

    The other items was the bare feet of one of the men. AND the bottom of his exposed beer belly. The instant I caught sight of these, both my husband and I lost our appetites, tossed our food in the trash, and bolted. I've never seen a sight quite like that one--close, but not quite--before or since.

  • Hope4Others

    Liar do you think?


    We will be fair it happens to all of us eventually, lol



  • FlyingHighNow
    There is huge double standard for appearance for men and women.

    Very true. And I am betting the girl you describe didn't look nearly as bad as you are saying she did. I've heard guys call gals who are only 10 lbs plump hefers.

    "Beauty doesn't come in just one size."Andy

    The sexiest quality anyone can have is condidence.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    You poor, poor, soul.

    I myself prefer women with some good meat on them, but I understand. There is a lot to be said for being well dressed and well mannered. I think it is so funny that she smiled like...oooo he likes me. Whenever a fatassed butt-er-face would grin at my brother he said it creeped him out. When I ask why he always says the same thing. "She has an evil constipated look"

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