I hate being alone ...

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  • oompa
    Gileadwakeup: Just got off the phone with my JW wife in a big fight since I stubbornly reject JWs beliefs.... It's the same thing day in and day out.

    Now really Gilead, I already warned you about the loss of poontang......but really, the fighting is pointless. Even when you try not to have one it will seem to end in one if it ia about anything JW related. If you don't leave that issue off the table...it will be the same thing day in and out.

    I think I am starting to like being alone....but that is probably not good since I happen to still be married to a dub...................oompa

  • oompa
    Easyrider: For the most part, one family member leaving the Organization leaves a trail of fire and destruction so horrible that what remains of the family is no longer recognizable.

    This is soooo true....for this reason I can't see faulting anyone who tries to fade in order to preserve some measure of the family life.....but even when you do it will not look or feel like what the family "was" or probably what you think it should be......just my opinion there, but I don't like what mine has become........flucked up............oompa

  • crazyblondeb

    I felt the same way untill I click on the add for the single chinese ladies at the bottom of the screen and I should be recieving my new bride in the mail and day now.

    I wonder about the grooms..............??

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    You might be alone in your home, but in the big picture you are not alone. We Are Legion, and growing day by day as people come to their senses and get out of that evil death trap called watchtower.

    "Death To the wacthtower!
    Death To their Governing body of Perverted Old Molesting Swine!"

  • Layla33

    You are not alone, but feel free to vent, there are so many that are going through the exact same thing.

    I got out when I was 17/18, so when I was married, this religion was not even a topic of conversation. However, I have seen the damage it has done, to even some family members, so my heart really goes out to anyone that is leaving this religion and still married - because even without having a religious element involved, marriage is a work in progress, with this cult and differing ideas, it takes all you have to not lose it completely.

    But you are not alone, just remember that.

  • shell69

    truely sorry. Don't thnk you I've ever given much consideration to what it must be like for you guys with one in and one out, and it must be awful

    When I began my exit, my husband wasn't convinced and contiuned to take the kids tomeetings with him for a while. It was my birth family and the edlders treatment of me that finally made him see clearly what a stinking lot they really are.

    ((((((hugs))))))) I hope it works out for you, or if not that you eventually find a level of peace.


  • JWdaughter

    My sympathies, friend. Even when people are technically together, often times that is all it is, a technicality. Is it harder being 'alone' without another person around-or lonely when there IS another person there? I think both are heartbreakers when one wants to have a heart and soul commitment and intimate friendship.

    I hope you get the things you need-and all the other 'alone' people do too, whether being alone is actual or effectual.


  • ninja

    to all those who are sitting alone.......WHO'S THAT BEHIND YOU WITH THE AXE?....................BOO.......muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah......da ninja

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