Will Women Eventually Start Being Used As Servants?

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  • blondie

    In remote areas, and small congregations, within the last 10 years, I have seen women used as accounts servants, handle the sound, and handle magazines/literature. It is probably hard to imagine such a small, remote congregation, but we have visited them. There was just one elder and one baptized brother to handle everything. When the elder was conducting and the baptized brother reading, someone had to handle the sound, a sister, the wife of the elder.

  • Rivington

    They used to do this years ago in situations where there was a shortage of males. I recall when I was a kid the accounts servant in our cong was the cong servant's wife. The ridiculous thing about this was that when it came to giving the financial report she was never allowed to address the meeting directly but had to speak to the cong servant in answer to his questions. Rivington

  • BluesBrother

    When i read the thread title I thought you were asking if they would ever subjugate women to the extent that they "served" the men in the congregation..(Ok, I did not mean that the way it looks, written down !) I was going to say that a good many "sisters" would grumble that they would if they could ..chauvinism rules around the KH...

    In terms of being Ministerial Servants ? no, not when the Bible says what it does..but as others have said , there is nothing to stop a capable sister being used to do the job if there are not enough men. I have known it. They do all the work but get no recognition.

    I met a brother a few years back who was living in Italy. His congregation was on a U S Military base (honest!) it was entirely the wives & kids of servicemen and he was the only brother. He wanted brothers to join him..[If only I had been single ]..but they must have done the jobs.

  • bennyk

    All they would have to do to square this with their affiliates/followers is put an article in the sacred Watchtower giving new light regarding Romans 16:1, viz. "I recommend to YOU Phoebe our sister, who is a minister of the congregation that is in Cenchreae..."

  • journey-on

    Sisters temporarily filling in because of a lack of brothers is one thing. But, OMG, can you imagine making a female

    an official elderette or MS! No offense to my fellow women, but you and I both know the majority of the sisters would

    get on an ego trip you can only imagine! And woe to the congregation if it's "that time of the month" or if she is menopausal.

    Whoa...watch out! Just kidding.....I'm being very politically incorrect and I apologize to any woman reading this that gets offended,


  • SixofNine

    Hah, that's funny! Even if they let them, for political correctness, could women do the jobs? I think not. Just think about what a microphone handler or a literature servant has to do, and do well. Or what about the discipline and coordination of a sound-booth guy? It is to laugh.

  • journey-on

    I do think they would make GREAT COs and DOs, however. And if they could maneuvre into a Governing Body position,

    wow!....would things ever change! If the climate is ripe for a woman president in the USA, by gosh, it's ripe for a spot

    on the GB, doncha think?

  • chickpea
    Will Women Eventually Start Being Used As Servants?

    not in this millenium..... not in that "religion"

  • VoidEater

    Oh, sure, they might get some of the work (sound board, accounts), but never the same title (MS, Elder). They would never put a woman in charge of the spiritual wellbeing of the congregation.

    And that's a shame.

  • CandleLight


    About as likely to happen as them admitting there is no such thing as little flock and other sheep.

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