Whats happening to prices in the USA?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Fisherman

    In January I posted about what is going on to cost of things in America. Now, gasoline is almost 4.00/gal and food items continue to soar? What is going on?!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know?

  • WTWizard

    It started when the government wanted an idea to look good. It had to be something that would look like they are trying to fix the energy crisis, but it has to be totally ineffective. So they came up with the harebrained idea of taking our corn and using it for biofuel. That not only would use as much oil to create the energy equivalent in ethanol, but it would take corn from the food system. Corn prices would go up, as would prices of anything that is made from corn.

    It would also affect other commodities. Land that used to produce wheat, cotton, vegetables, and soy is used to plant corn instead for the stupid biofuel program. That would create shortages of those commodities as well. It spills into eggs, milk, and most meats that eat corn and/or wheat. The pigs that came up with that program wanted it that way, because they could then mitigate (not totally eliminate) the resultant economic crisis, and look good while appearing to save the planet from global warming (which idea is hogwash: SUVs cannot warm Mars).

    I have also noticed, for all the energy independence rallies, that there is not one drop of interest in nuclear power. The technology needs to improve to extract energy from the radioactive wastes until it becomes safe to have a reactor in your backyard and one in mine. Nuclear fusion has not gotten any attention, either, except for building nuclear bombs. I also think solar, tidal, wind, geothermal, and hydro power are underutilized. And they have the audacity to pick the one "solution" that is going to waste more oil than it saves, plus push food prices up. Now we have two problems, for the price of one.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    It's the time of the end. Gas prices are so high!


    gas prices were high and we even had a shortage in 1974 and THAT was the jw's end too!

    What is happening is the price of gas is up because the Bush's and their homosexual svengali lovers the saudis want the prices high. Fuel costs soar and then so does the cost of shipping stuff. Diesel for trains and trucks is expensive so the freighters charge more, then the cost is ultimately passed to us californians.

  • jaguarbass

    We got Bushwacked about 8 years ago. Did you just fall off the back of a pumpkin wagon, or is your name Rip Van Winkle.

    W.'s birds are coming home to roost.

    Quit watching fox.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The willingness of the ignorant to crucify scapegoats never ceases to amaze me.

  • Mutz

    Same here in the EU and we pay double the price you do for almost everything. I read a report saying that energy bills could go up another 25% over the next 12 months!

  • Warlock

    It's called inflation.

    That's what you get when the Federal Reserve prints more and more money.


  • IP_SEC

    This problem really has naught to do with GWB per se. Our economy only works if consumer, corporate, and goverment debt grows at an exponential rate. This is merely a shoring of a crashing economy. A short term solution to be sure.

    No I didnt spell it out for you. Perhaps you will just think about it and draw some conclusions.

  • IP_SEC

    PS: This is far from just a USA problem. Prices are rising everywhere.

  • Gill

    Inflation in the UK is in REAL terms 11.5 %.

    But, the government lies and tells everyone that it is 2.5% (It thinks we're all stupid!). That way, it can raise pensions and benefits by only 2.5%.

    However, when people are struggling to buy food, and put on heating they soon catch on.

    When people see they can't afford petrol to go to work (because the government takes 70% of our fuel price for itself in taxes) they begin to wonder and it is not long before they realise that the govt not only takes taxes from their wages but actually forces them to PAY through fuel tax to go to work.

    Our transport system, will slowly grind to a halt as hauliers can't afford fuel and people will decided it's easier to be unemployed than pay the government to go to work.

    You think you've got it bad, try the UK.

    People look at countrys like Zimbabwe and wonder how a despot can treat people so badly and get away with it.

    It's easy! In the UK we are mugged by the government left right and centre, and probably whoever gets in next will do the same.

    While we pay for our food and heating, people in parliament have 'expenses' and we pay for their food, housing, heating, cars, petrol. They live in a twilight fantasy world, and while they are protected by police body guards, in the UK you are lucky to see a policeman. A recent case of a house being robbed by 8 men, one with an axe, and a family with two children cowering upstairs, led to the police taking 3 Hours to turn up!

    Councils are refusing to take rubbish more than once every two weeks and people get criminal records if their bin lid is just slightly ajar and fined money they can't afford!

    The UK has gone INSANE!

    Parasites! Leeches! and imbeciles run our country!

    And you know what.....I don't see any way out of this nightmare that the UK has turned into!

    As for the USA, have your homeless towns of people with no where to go, been shown on the TV yet or are they still hiding those camps of the poor and destitute!?

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