Whats happening to prices in the USA?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • FlyingHighNow
    No. They wish to destroy the middle class, so that there are a few filthy, stinkin' rich and the rest will be flilthy, stinkin', poor.

    Then they are cutting their own throats FHN. They can't have a stable life without a middle class. If it becomes few rich/may poor there will be a revolution that will redistribute the wealth. That is the course these things always take in more developed societies.


    It didn't stop the elite from driving the USA and the entire world into a great depression in 1929. And yes, there would be revolution. I hope this isn't where we are headed eventually. But when you hear talk of gas prices heading to ten dollars per gallon, the effects on the prices of everything is that they will go horrdendously high, making them affordable to only the very wealthiest of people. Take a look at Worse Than Watergate written by John Dean. Our president may sound like a bumbling idiot and maybe he is, but there is a method to the madness in Washington.

  • restrangled

    Watch Bush on this you-tube video saying he hadn't heard gas was going up to $4.00 a gallon back in late winter of this year. I watched it live and was floored the idiot was so out of touch.....and now here we are!

    When the leader of our country doesn't have a clue.......well...you can fill in the blank.



  • Confucious


    You said...

    Drilling in ANWAR is a band-aid at best.

    You want a nuke in your back yard I doubt it. The industry still can't insure it's self. Plus it is dependant on coal plants and fossil fueled vehicles to dig refine and deliver the fuel. Then we come to fuel disposal which there is non. The best guess so far is to sit in a cave for millions of years. Great idea until there is an incident.

    Embrace the environmental wackos the have been right so far. Buy smaller cars, use less, and get over it.

    Here's where you're completely wrong...

    First of all, the ones that are driving the big cars aren't the ones affected.

    We all b!tch about high gas prices... but it's the people that can't afford anything else but the small cars that are being affected most. And they can't get over it.

    The enviromental wackos are just that.

    Tree hugging is all cool and stuff. But trust me. We will drill. And we will build nukes.

    And when we do... it will be with the blessing from the enviromental wackos.

    They will somehow justify it in their minds that it will now be OK.

    That's becuase as soon as gas hits $10 a gallon in the U.S?

    At that point it would paralyze the country. Because the average person would be spending more money trying to GET to work.

    And by the way... I wouldn't mind a Nuke facility in my backyard. Not my literal back yard... but 30 miles away or so? Sure.

    There's a papermill about 30 miles down the road from me and the air and water smells like $hit there.

    I'm sure the papermill is causing the enviroment 100 more harm than a nuke plant.

    But I love paper. And I love energy.

    If the wackos want to talk about the enviroment - take up a battle against paper.

    Have you ever drove by a papermill?

    The whole place smells like rotton eggs.

    And the water taste like $hit.

    But you don't hear the envir wackos complaining about paper. Do you?


  • Gill

    Confuscious - In the UK, petrol / gas is going to reach six pounds or nearly $11 dollars by the end of the year.

    The government has signed a treaty with the UK that may well increase our heating and lighting costs for every family by another three thousand pounds or over $5000 a year MORE than we pay now.

    Food inflation is at between 11 % and 15 % depending on which report you read.

    And yet, the UK rolls on..........but only for now.

    We're going to reach a point where people will not be able to afford to GO to work ie travel because it is just too expensive.

    We will struggle to transport food.

    Why? Because 70 % of our petrol / gas price is tax to the government.

    Why does the governement need so much money? Because some of the missiles they are using in War zones cost 60 000 pounds a shot!

    We all have idiots ruling us and there's nothing we can do about it!

    If you vote someone else in, they're equally as stupid!

    The answer?

    Not even God knows!

    The good days are over and I'm sorry that we didn't buy a house with a massive garden because we may well all be growing our own food if we can.

    Some days you think there might be an answer but the answer may well be one that we just don't like because it is too terrible to contemplate.

    Maybe it's time for us to roll back to the stone age again.

    Greater civilisations than ours, far more advanced, have come and gone.

    Maybe it's out turn to turn off the lights!

  • Confucious


    I agree with you 150%.

    More than you know.

    My thought on it is that we do need a band-aid.

    5go is right. Drilling in ANWAR is a band-aid.

    But we need it right now.

    It's not the total answer, but it's getting that bad that we need something.

    Here's something thought... those Middle Eastern countries? Can't remember which one it was - but I'm sure they all do this...

    But one of them has a "full govermental department" that does nothing but invest for the day where their oil runs dry.

    The day will come where there's no more oil, and those countries out there are taking their profits and trying to figure out what is next.

    But in reality?

    We're F*cked... The solution is to cash out and get what we can personally. Save your money and pass it on to your kids.

    There will always be the rich and poor. Jesus even said that the poor will always be amongst us.


  • digderidoo

    Your gas prices are 4 dollars a gallon! Ours petrol forecourts have just topped 5 pounds stirling!

  • What-A-Coincidence

    invest in gold/silver!!!

  • Bring_the_Light

    It started when the government wanted an idea to look good. It had to be something that would look like they are trying to fix the energy crisis, but it has to be totally ineffective. So they came up with the harebrained idea of taking our corn and using it for biofuel. That not only would use as much oil to create the energy equivalent in ethanol, but it would take corn from the food system. Corn prices would go up, as would prices of anything that is made from corn.

    It would also affect other commodities. Land that used to produce wheat, cotton, vegetables, and soy is used to plant corn instead for the stupid biofuel program. That would create shortages of those commodities as well. It spills into eggs, milk, and most meats that eat corn and/or wheat. The pigs that came up with that program wanted it that way, because they could then mitigate (not totally eliminate) the resultant economic crisis, and look good while appearing to save the planet from global warming (which idea is hogwash: SUVs cannot warm Mars).

    I have also noticed, for all the energy independence rallies, that there is not one drop of interest in nuclear power. The technology needs to improve to extract energy from the radioactive wastes until it becomes safe to have a reactor in your backyard and one in mine. Nuclear fusion has not gotten any attention, either, except for building nuclear bombs. I also think solar, tidal, wind, geothermal, and hydro power are underutilized. And they have the audacity to pick the one "solution" that is going to waste more oil than it saves, plus push food prices up. Now we have two problems, for the price of one.

    No No NO NO NO NO NO.

    BioFuels have little to nothing to do with increasing food costs.

    FAIR NOTICE: I work mainly for the Ethanol industy (but also for Oil and Gas suppliers, I have a pretty good picture of this)

    #1 Is rising standards of living in China and India (BILLIONS of new consumers who are eating more than a ball of cold rice now)

    #2 Is fuel costs. Due to plateau of known supplies, the known high cost of recovering known resevoirs, the rampant speculation this future shortage scenario creates, and yes, the Billions of Chinese and Indians that want to burn the same gas soon.

    #3 The depressed dollar. Lots of reasons for that, rampant debt and viable competing currencies are big ones.

    Ethanol is the best possible replacement for Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether MTBE (a fuel oxygenate and octane booster, Google it). It is NOT, and never has been a "replacement" for gasoline. If you don't like the taste ot MTBE in your drinking water, you like Ethanol, end of story (we ALL like the taste of Ethanol! mmm). Cellulosic ethanol could make a nice dent, but its more important to have competing products with gasoline than to displace huge amounts of gasoline off the market. You want fuel diversity, read an economics book sometime.

    Ethanol production from Corn does NOTHING other than divert starch to fuel that otherwise would be fed, nearly uselessly, to ruminant animals. Ruminants do not need Starch, they need fats and protein. ALL of the fats and protein from the corn gets fed to ruminants as Dry Distillers Grains and Solubles (DDGS). If you expect that humans will still eat meat, virtually no meaningful amount of 'food' has been diverted from the food chain. If you want to observe that producing and eating meat is a very inefficient way to feed people, no shit sherlock, but that's about McDonalds, not Ethanol.

    Congratulations, you now have the basic information necessary to avoid chanting support of foolish causes like some JayDub, glad I could help. Yes, the solution is Nuclear. It will be done. The prospect of collecting Helium-3 from the moon to fuel fusion reactors is one of many reasons why the United States and other countries are interested in going back into interplanetary spaceflight. Stay tuned.

    The energy and environment issues are very big, very real issues, but don't get too upset about the doomsday and conspiracy theorists. Of all groups of people, I shouldn't have to explain that to you guys. It is a beautiful world, and I enjoy living in it.


  • 5go

    Why nukes aren't they answer to the energy problem

    One) It takes a lot of oil and coal to get one going, and keep it going.

    Two) Much like oil, uranium production has peaked.

    Three) There is no way to dispose of nuclear waste and to top it off the waste can be made into weapons.

    Four) More nuclear plants more nuclear accidents and one accident is one city destroyed or uninhabitable.

    Five) There are better renewable altenatives, though the powers that be can not make money off them.

  • 5go

    BTW ANWAR is a band aid on a bullet wound. It will not do anything but make the problem worse. Cheaper gas is not the solution. The USA needs an energy paradigm change away from fixed sources to renewable energy sources. Which like I said oil and mining companies can't compete against free renewable energy. Which is why they want to choke it to death in the womb before the public gets wind of it.

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