Let's predict what the WTS will cut next

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  • hamsterbait

    The AWAKE wil go.

    The Mgazine started as "The GOlden Age", and was published under the assumption that Christs Millennial reign had begun in 1914.

    The mag was intended to show how Christs reign was even now improving peoples lives, with sewing machines, radios, telephones, locomotives, coupling mechanisms (on trains), avoiding aluminum (devils metal) avoiding vaccination, and disbelieving that there were microbes.

    Since the premisses the RAG was based upon are no longer taught by the witlesses it has "served its purpose" We can expect to see it axed.

    After all the few articles for kids are fun - and we know what the Gibbering Buddy thinks of FUN.


  • Honesty
    Let's predict what the WTS will cut next

    More smelly farts disguised as NOO LIGHT.

  • BFD

    Maybe they'll cut their nose off to spite their face.


  • owenfieldreams

    District conventions as we know now know them will eventually be a thing of the past. Too much money is needed to rent and hold facilities, parking, etc. etc...

  • easyreader1970

    I think that the Awake! magazine is on its way out as well. It tries to stick to current events, human issues, and scientific interests but fewer and fewer people are interested in connecting any of those things to a paradise earth. God isn't working for most people "in the world" anymore. Witnesses will say that this is a sign that they need Jehovah but the fact is that many people have started to actually think for themselves. They don't want someone else thinking for them. The information age has helped to usher this new age in. If you want to learn about something, most of the information is at your fingertips. No longer do you have to live on promises that have anything to do with a Hebrew deity coming to rescue you.

  • dinah

    Maybe they'll cut their nose off to spite their face.


    Yeah they already have. Look how many "born-ins" call it a crock. Without the born-ins they have NOTHING!!!! Other people wake up eventually.

    Smart bastards weren't they? But yeah, they had no "long-term" vision. Didn't see the internet coming and didn't know we would run to each other for support. So, in a way, every friendship we make is a BIG F-U to them.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Instead of cutting anything out, next time I think they will make blood transfusions really a matter of conscience and not DA anyone for taking one.

  • FireNBandits

    Nah, here's how its going down pal so lissen up. N stuff.

    First, "new light" will reveal that since the Wholly Babble does not mention women wearing bras or panties, all sisters will be required to burn them in the parking lot. A weenie roast will follow, and we're not talkin' Ball Park Franks here Sparky.

    A new virtual reality program called "Kiss Balaam's Ass Goodbye" will simulate the GT and Armageddon, replacing the pubic tawk and WTS , scaring the beejesus out of everyone under eight.

    All must learn to play the piano. Or maybe the tuba.

    A merit system, pattenred after the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts will be instituted, called GB's Lil Bastids. 100 hours in the feeled cervix gets you a voucher for a gallon of your favorite gasoline.

    Drinking poisoned Kool Aid, followd by a swell game of Bobbing For Antidote, will replace the the singing of kingdom songs.

    Bingo on every other Friday unless its a full moon.

    Porn. Lots of bleeping porn. And beer. Lots of beer. No Bud though cuz even the GB knows Bud sux.

    Suicide pacts instead of marriage.

    Adopt-A-Pet instead of childbearing.

    Dry cleaning bags filled with swamp gas.

    Mass insanity.

  • parakeet

    Too bad it won't be their own throats. Although they're still doing that (figuratively) to their followers.

  • Bring_the_Light

    I think the Blood Transfusion BS will eventually be scrapped. Given there isn't ANY biblical basis for it of ANY substance, scrapping the uber-cultish aspects would go a long ways toward getting appreciable numbers of newbies into the fold.

    If I was Cult Leader in Chief, I would have made that move concurrent with any of the "oops the world isn't ending in 19XX" notices that Jehovah God himself issues from time to time. Hell Jews couldn't eat pork, now we can, JW's can't eat blood, hell, why wouldn't God increase privaleges over time. NOBODY is in love with the "No Blood Transfusions" bullshit. I seem to remember that was the biggest thing JW's were embarassed to talk about with worldlings.

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